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Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

I slept with my boyfriend last night and there was loads of pre-cum. Just before he came, he pulled it out, could I get pregnant from this ?

Are there any known stds or infections that have fecal-like odors with discharge.

I've been in a committed heterosexual relationship for 2yrs. For the last year i have had a terrible vagnal odor that , to me, smells like fecal matter. i have gotten a pap smear and everything was noRmal besides so unknown cells were detected which is normal for me. About six yrs ago unknown cells were found and removed without ever being named otherwise. My question is, are there any stds or maybe infections that cause a fecal like odor?

How to tell if I had sex and lost my Virginity?

I have done a very stupid thing and gotten drunk to escape problems im currently dealing with at home. I am unsure if I had sex last night and lost my virginity last night. I have a lot of family issues going on at the moment and i have just ended a relationship. I was out with a group of friends and got very drunk and went back to a friend of a friends house. Now i know from stories he was very nice so i felt comfortable with him. I can remember all most everything from when we were in his room and i told him i had never had sex and he was nice and said he didnt want to do it when i was drunk, i know i wanted to last night but he was reluctant which i am happy about. but there are some bits that i just cant remember and im starting to over think it all and would like to know if there are any signs that i had sex for the first time other than the hymen breaking as I know mine was broken from him fingering me. would i feel sore today if i had sex he was very large? I also know from past experiences that i cant handle too much when it comes to stretching, as i had to tell my ex to stop as he hurt me with just 2 fingers... im too afraid to ask him :( and im really over thinking things. My gut feeling and memories tell me that I didn't but is there any way i can tell, i cant stop thinking about it!

Bump above my genitals

Today I discovered a bump that is about 2 cm above my clitoral hood. It is kind of sore but not itchy. It was really red for a bit, but then it started to look almost like a blister because it was white-ish. When I examined it closer it looked like there was a tiny little hole or indent at the top of it, where a bit of yellowy puss came out of when I was examining it. Now it's just really red again. What could this bump be? I'm on day 3 of my period.

Can i get pregnant if he fingured me and then i was on top of him and he came but we were both wearing underwear and pants?

i was wearing jeans and panties, he was wearing pj pants and boxers. i was on top of him grinding and didnt even realize he came.

Do you know what this is...?

I've had the implant put in my arm about 1 month ago, I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last week & for the last 3-4 days I've had bad lower belly pains, then yesterday I've had thick dark brown discharge with headaches on & off. Also getting lower back pain now & then.

I didn't have sex. I am waiting. My boyfriend fingered me. I know that his hands were clean he shiowed me.but im still paranoid..

Everytime after doing sexual stuff like fingering, that's all .i feel horrible about myself, and overanalize it to the brink of no return...I constantly think i'm pregnant when there is no chance i know, cause i check his hands everytime ..but i always have that feeling like oh what if it happened...makes me hate myself about it....and then i get on the internet and i see all these answers...ugh

Do I have an STD?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. I have not taken an STD test but have only had unprotected sex with one other person and have never had any issues apart from thrush. He has had and STD test less than a year ago and hasn't slept with anyone else apart from me since. Recently after anal and vaginal sex my bum has been really itchy and it has been sore going to the toilet. My perineum is also really raw and painful. I was wondering if it just due to friction or if its likely that it is an std. It's not been helped by the fact that i have a painful pimple next to my bum. I thought I should go and see the doctor just in case but if you have any tips to soothe the pain that would be great!

Am I at risk of being pregnant?

I am on birth control but i didnt take it for two days after my period then the day after i took the pill i had sex and the condom broke. He said he didnt ejactulate, but i am worried i may be at risk of being pregnant.

the area around the entering of my vagina has been burning what could it be?

i had sex about 4 days ago and am worried if i take antibiotics will it get better?