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Why can't I feel anything while having sex?

I've been dating my girlfriend for six months and we started our relationship having frequent mindblowing sex. As time went on we stopped having sex as often, and i started to feel it less. We went through a lot of stressful events in a short amount of time, we moved to a new state and things settled down a little. Even though it's been a few months since all of this has happened I still can't feel anything when we have sex. I'm concerned that I might have something wrong with me. Do you have any idea what's going on with me?

What is wrong with me?

My vagina has a warm sensation, i've had a lot of discharge thats clear and white, lower stomach pain on my left side, and some spotting though i'm not on my period right now. I'm 14- never had sex, only masturbate. Though it's embarrassing, i'll admit to trying penetration with a small marker. Could I have an infection? How do i get rid of it?

When me and my bf have sex, my "juices" make him itch, I dont itch at all, what should i do

I just feel bad cause i dont itch and i dont want him to itch need to know what to do so we can both enjoy sex

until what age can a woman have sex?

would a woman ten years older than a man have any problems in their sexual life?

this past year I have had biopsy of my uterus and a leep procedure ever since when I orgasm it feel like my uterus stings?????p

I used to have multiple orgasms a day, now barely one. What happend?

At the beginning of my relationship i used to achieve 3-4 orgasms in several hours, sometimes orgasm after orgasm. But not, after a year or so it's getting harder to achieve even one & takes much more time than it used to. Sometimes it can be really irritating. I really don't know what changed, everything is okay between me and my partner, I still feel like i used to, still get excited as I used to, he can turn me on easily, normal vaginal lubrication. Any idea why is that?

Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

I slept with my boyfriend last night and there was loads of pre-cum. Just before he came, he pulled it out, could I get pregnant from this ?

Can you get pregnant from dry humping, or imitating sex with clothes on?

Me and my boyfriend were just dry humping. We were both wearing jeans nd underwear.

You used to have a really useful page on how to orgasm through intercourse (for women). Please could you send me this article again.

The article was listed at: It was incredibly useful. Please could you tell me how to access this information again as I want to share it with my partner. Many thanks

Do some women have highly resistant Hymen's?

I lost my virginity about 2 weeks ago. Afterwards I bled for about a day. I had sex last night for the 2nd time, and there were issues. My boyfriend could not get it in, only a couple of inches. He went down on me to loosen my up, then tried again and still no luck. He said he just can't push all the way in, it feels like there "is a wall" blocking him. After the attempt from last night, I Bled AGAIN. I feel like my Hymen is still somehow in tact? I don't know what else could be stopping him from being able to fully penetrate me. Can I have a doctor break my hymen? Do other women have hard to break hymens?