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Can I get pregnant from sitting on my boy fiends lap and making out

he was in sweatpants and I was in kinda short shorts

Don't find vaginal intercourse enjoyable

I've had sex with different partners and just don't find the actual act of intercourse enjoyable ever with anyone. It's not painful or anything just not pleasurable. Everything else such as foreplay and oral are amazing to me but after that nothing. I really want this to change but I just don't know how.

Menopause or What?

I have multiple concerns at the moment and I'm not sure if I'm just blowing things out of proportion or if I should actually make another appointment with my GYN. Last month my husband and I had a bit of an OOOPS, resulting in a trip to the pharmacy for the Morning After pill. Five weeks later I have not had a period and so logic, mathematics and nature suggest that the pill didn't work. This is perplexing since my youngest child is 17 and I was really happy with the 5 year span between the three. I'm getting old and it's really easy to remember their ages..17,22,27. An 18 year span just throws off the entire symmetry. But, alas, three home pregnancy tests later, each negative has contradicted logic and the rest. So now I'm just guessing, and I figure that pill has thrown my 44yr old system out of whack and I'll miss a period for the first time in the 30+ years of having periods. Anyway, on with life and love and stuff...except now, how do I put this...on an exuberant solo mission in the boudoir, I was surprised afterward as it seemed my visitor had Finally shown up. But, now 24+ hours later, I'm not sure it did, as there is only a very slight tinge of red now, whereas there was blood yesterday. There's also what I'd call an ache as opposed to cramping. This is very unusual because I am usually a very heavy bleeder, and even had a uterine biopsy in April just to make sure the heavy bleeding wasn't caused by anything serious, which it wasn’t, only normal aging. So, I’m a little old for making babies and a little young to start menopause, but what else could it be? Any advice is appreciated!

Brown Discharge on the 3rd week of birth control?

Hello I recently started my 3rd week of birth control this month (I have been using birth control for about 5 months already) and I have been getting brown spotting/discharges. I take my pills at the same time and everyday. Is this normal getting brown discharges when the pill dosage is at the highest dosage? Can I still have sex with my partner even if I get brown spotting?

I have been experiencing pain after having sex, what is going on?

It usually happens during or after its all over. My skin gets really irritated and hurts. It looks like its cut up almost. I've never had this problem before until about two weeks ago. We don't do it raw so I don't know why after it's all over it hurts to even move. What could be going on?

My vagina lips are wrinkled and itchy and sore maybe from me itching what should I do. What could this be from?

I am seven months pregnant and my partner and I have been sexual committed to each other for the last three years.

Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend rubbed his penis against me but didn't put it inside or near my vagina?

My boyfriend rubbed his penis against the outside of my labia and pubic area. He had a little bit of semen on him and got some on me. Is there a chance for me to get pregnant?

Can oral sex and dry humping delay menstrual

Last month i had oral sex thrice n we had dry humping too.i had it for the first tym in my boy friend was in underpants and pair of jeans but i was only in a thin cotton pajama i once gave him blow job too but he didnt ejeculate though i felt precum in my mouth which i spitted out.he rubbed my viginal part too but didnt fingered me n that rubbing was also for a very short time.during the month i fell ill aswel i caught a severe flue attack from him while we were kissing n it took me almost 3 weeks to recover i got mouth ulcears also due to medication now i was expecting my periods 3 days back but til today they hvnt happened plz tel me is there a chance of pregnancy ?why my menses delayed this mouth wen i mostly hv them on time?plz answer me asap

Can semen go through clothes while dry humping

while dry humping and the male cums, can the semen go through your clothing and ghet you pregnant

My girlfriend is having her period 5 days before she is supposed to on birth control, we have sex so what does this mean?