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Can precum cause pregnancy?

my boyfriend and I had safe intercourse after the third round we did unprotected... I made sure there was no precum left on the tip of the penis, and he pulled pull out, masturbated then after 3 minutes he came. Can this cause pregnancy?

can i get pregnant from precum

He wasn't in me that long

Painful sex in the beginning?

I have HSV-1, my boyfriend gave it to me with out knowing. We found out around 4 to 5 months after we started dating. since after that Ive experienced quite painful sex but its not the whole time its just in the beginning before he penetrates, but it usually goes away. Is there any way to make myself more aroused, if there's a good lube that wont irritate me(allergic to latex, sensitive to some products), It feels like hes chaffing my inside wall, very painful. thanks.

i have a bump near my vagina and it hurts sometimes it has never had a head on it at first i thought it was a ingrown hair but its not

I have had it for 3 months at first i thought it was an ingrown hair but ive never had one to last this long plus it never had that pimple like appearence but if a squeeze it a lil bit of puss will come out what could it be

I have recently started having moderate cramping with orgasm. What could be causing this change?

I have been sexually active for 27 years. I have been with the same partner for the last 17 years. I recently had inflammation and bloating in my low abdomen. I was treated and rechecked for infection. The cultures were negative. An ultrasound was done vaginally with no significant findings. Since the bloating started having an orgasm causes uncomfortable cramping. Then inside my abdomen is tender for a day or so. Without penetration the cramping is less intense and resolves faster but is still present. I want to know what is possibly happening to cause this change and if it is going to go away. And if there is anything I should do?

I fantasize about having sex with my husband while he is away, but once he is home, I freeze up and actually feel repulsed.

When he touches me I can feel myself cringe and draw into myself. I've never had such an extreme feeling. Prior relationships I just lost interest in sex but didn't feel the revulsion. I am all about the sex at the beginning of a relationship and give as good as I get but after a while I become frigid. I had a "busy" sex life in my younger years and spent a lot of time in the 80's doing quite a bit of sexual exploration. I've never had much of a sex drive and for years had sex just because it was "expected" or the "thing to do". I have been to my physician to see if it is physical but the tests show there is nothing wrong with me. I had my tubes removed 6 years ago as they were diseased and I am currently in and out of menopause. My body at times has all the symptoms of menopause and tests positive and then 6 months later when they run a test it shows I'm not in menopause. I'm 45 years old and should not have such an aversion to sex and unfortunately, it is causing my husband no shortage of mental anguish even though I have told him it has nothing to do with him. What is wrong with me?

Can precum get you pregnant?

I missed my peroid and I got bloating. Should I be concerned?

Can I get pregnant if there is sperm in the bathroom or anywhere?

I want to know for example if I go to the bathroom and I touch the door, toilet seat, paper toilet, the sink or anything in the shower and there is sperm and then I touch my vagina can I get pregnant? If I clean myself with toilet paper and it has sperm can i get pregnant? or when i take showers and touch myself and there is sperm can i get pregnant? I hope you can answer back to me because I dont want to get pregnant thanks.

can you get pregnant if you have dry sex

Ok so me and my bf were having what i think is dry sex his pants werre off and mine were to but my panties were on. so when he cummed he covered his penis with a shirt but i was still on top of him near his penis but my panties weree still on. can i be pregnant?

I m virgin, Frm 1yr, i am geting dreams about participatin in sex completly but i m feelin lot of pain in pelvic region and stays 2min. so y

can u reply me fastly with a best answer