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can a girl get pregnant through denim jeans?

is it possible for a girl to get pregnant through denim?

I gave my boyfriend a hand job. I got some of his ejeculate on my hand wiped it off then went to the bathroom and. Could i be pregnant?

the day it happened, was the last day of my period. this occured 5-10 mins after he eleculated.

Brown discharge after being fingered?

I'm 16 yrs old and I was fingered for the first time a week ago. During my body started to produce a brown discharge and it was on my fingers and lasted throughout the next day or so. I asked my mom about it and she said that it might just be old blood- but it had been a week since I finished my period. I also read that it could be a "stratch" in my vagina. Last night (a week later) my boyfriend was fingering me and the same thing happened. I can't tell my mom again because she can't find out that we were parked somewhere, when it happened for the 2nd time. And I can't go to a doctor either. Any explanations?? Thank you! I'm not too worried they're is no pain, it itching, ect. Just trying to figure out how to make this stop! I am a virgin and not on the pill or any meds. This has never happened when I fingered myself.

If a man ejaculates, and you both are wearing underwear, can you get pregnant?

dry humping

Can you get pregnant from dry humping? I am worried.

My boyfriend and me were dry humping last week. We were completely dressed, both of us had our underwear and jeans on and didn't take them off at all. It took like 4 minutes or even less. I don't know if he ejaculated or not while doing this. Later, he kept touching himself, and once or twice he slipped his hand down my back, but I asked him to remove it. So most probably he hasn't come to touch my vagina with his bare hands. My period was supposed to be on the 6th of July, but it started on the 3rd, and I had a normal period for 4 days (though it seems shorter than what I usually had before). We dry humped on the 30th of June. My question is could this have got me pregnant by any means? I know it's a very stupid question, but it was our first time, and he got so much excited. And later I found my jeans so wet, however, I don't know if it's me who cummed or it got wet with his semen. Now I'm very worried. I haven't asked or talked to him about it. And I'm scared. I'm feeling I'm eating more and sleeping more. Will I get my period next month??

pls can sperm travel through clothes even as we r bth bth puttn on underwear again n clothes.

I wanna knw if am pregnant

If there is precum on the penis but he has NOT inserted, just rubbed on the labia, can you get pregnant?

I had sex on the 21st of June, and we were doing 4play. During the 4play he was secreting precum and the head of the penis touched my labia, but did NOT enter at all. Is it possible at all to get pregnant from that? I ask because my period is about a week to almost two weeks late. I also left my country that very day to go overseas, a 13hour difference. And I've been here since then.

Can you get pregnant this way

Underware on the girl. But jeans and underware both on the guy, and going through the motions of sex.

Oral sex and 20 minutes after a scratchy feeling in throat. 24 hours have come and throat is very inflamed and red

My glands are very red and it feels very scratchy, something is on the back of my throat or like a big peice of hair. (I know there is not a hair, just feels as if there is one) Iam very scared since this has never happened to me before and it almost feels like its expanding down my throat. Iam thinking more towards the bright side and hoping it is just irritation since it happened minutes after. It really is a pain and any information is greatly appreciated. Iam also visiting the doctors tomorrow or the next. Thank you!

Does amennorhea make it harder to orgasm?

I have had amennorhea for the past 5 years due to over training and decreased body weight. I have increased my weight and my exercising is in control. I have been having some spotting but nothing regular. I also sustained brain injury 4 and a half years ago. Injuring the frontal and occipital lobes. I am taking Cipralex to control feelings of being overwhelmed that I have acquired due to this injury. I was taking Celexa (for almost 3 years) and I know that this SSRI could impact sexual function. But I was wondering if I have trouble reaching orgasm due to my amennorhea or possibly the brain injury. I am 22 and have never reached orgasm. What can I do to help this?