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Why does sex hurt so badly?

My boyfriend and I decided we want to have sex. We have done things like foreplay before, but we want to go all the way. When we tried, it hurt so badly I made him stop after about 2 seconds. I had sharp pains in my abdomen the rest of the night, so sharp that I actually passed out from the pain at one point. I did research and it seems that most women do not experience this much pain tearing their hymen, and even that most women tear their hymen before losing their virginity. I thought I lost it a long time ago, I was raped at a young age and I've been using tampons and masturbating for years. We have tried a few other times and it is still too painful to bear. This is really affecting me emotionally because I feel anxious and stressed about it because I really want to have sex with the guy I love. Why am I experiencing this much pain?

Is there seamen in precum?

My boyfriend preed in me.

Can anything be used to help with excessive lubrication?

Woman in 40's Very sexually active with partner hysterectomy (history) I find there is too much moisture and I'm concerned that he may not be having the best experience as a result. Do you have any suggestions as to products to try or things to do/use to help with this personal challenge?

I cannot reach an orgasm and my boyfriend gets frustrated because of this; what do i do for myself and him?

I have not been very sexually active and am 21 years old. I am with a boyfriend that is amazing and is great in bed. However whenever he goes down on me and i feel like I'm reaching the point of an orgasm I tense up and its almost a lot to bear. When this happens I cannot seem to let it go and have an orgasm. I have had an orgasm twice with him, but I had been drinking. I honestly feel there is something wrong and my boyfriend gets frustrated and blames himself. What do I do?

what causes numbness when having sex?...I feel nothing at all during sex.

I have Neuropathy if that factors in any at all.

can i be pregnant with precum?

I've been sexually active for almost the whole month and don't use a condom he has precum but do it without protection I workout daily and missed my period 4 months now & took 2 pregnancy test both negative and been having mood swings headaches and been tired.. can I be pregnant?

After treatment for BV, i had sex with my partner, the smell has reurned, why is this?

after the anti biotic, the smell was gone, but now its back, worse than ever.

Why do I get dizzy during or after having sex?

I've only had sex ten times and the past half I have been dizzy after or during sex. is that normal?

My genital area has turned purple, why?

I am female and there is no pain at all. No pain during sex or menstration. I am mid 40's.

My girlfriend told me that since giving birth by cesarean section years ago, orgasm is very difficult for her. She doesn't know why.

She's in her 30's. She enjoys sex and she 'gets wet', but she doesn't climax. She says that before her cesarean section she could reach orgasm easily and quickly, but now it's difficult to impossible. How can I help her? She won't talk to anyone about it.