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1st time ever happening. I got a really bad headache while having sex and still have it almost 24 hrs later should I see a dr?

Blk female 49 yrs old. I have hub and it has been high all day average range 150/100. This happened one other time about 8 month ago when my spouse and I had sex after not having sex for 9 months ( spouse was in Iraq)

I have been having intense burning during after intercourse and also some itching in the vagina what could be the cause of it?


Reaching orgasm more difficult or it is less intense that it used to be. Is it because I'm almost 40?

Hi, I'm 39 and I was having the most intense orgasms I've ever had a few years ago (mostly throught masturbation). The last year or so they seem to be a lot less intense. Have I reached my sexual peak and now I'm past that stage? Or are my hormones starting to change and that is affecting my ability to reach orgasm? Are they related? Is there anything I can do to get back to where I was? Thanks!

How soon does the hymen heal after first intercourse? Will it always be painful?

Even being properly aroused and using lubricant, it was very painful when my hymen broke. How long will it take for that area to heal and sex to be comfortable?

is there any way to regain your libido? i'm 38, married, 2 kids, and i have no sex drive.

can libido in women be restored?

can pre-cum get you pregnant?

my boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex (not recently though) and im afraid that i might be pregnant. he didn't actually cum in me. he pulled out a while before he did and then got himself off. recently, we have been using condoms. but im just wondering. can pre-cum get you pregnant?! help!!

my wife alway not eager about sex

she always said no whenever asked for sex. $

If a woman has bacterial vaginosis and a man gives her oral sex, will he catch the infection orally?

I have just been diagnosed and am curious if I should abstain from it until treatment is complete to avoid getting my boyfriend sick.

i am 26 years old,and my wedding is on next 3 weeks, and i don't want get my period on my wedding day,so can u help me with that..

is there any tablets I can use??

I am 20 and I am sexually active..recently I used a device that vibrates to masturbate and when i used the toilet afterwards..I was bleeding