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cumming without sexual stimulation?

I recently turned 28. I am unmarried and a Virgin. The closest to sex I have had is my ex boyfriend inserting his finger inside my vagina. I have never had a penis inside me. When my ex boyfriend used his finger, I felt a burning sensation. Maybe I wasn’t wet enough. We tried it again when I was wet but I immediately felt the need to pee. I also rushed to the rest room and peed. It has happened every single time. What is wrong with me? My ex thought I wasn’t relaxed. Secondly it’s been two days now and without any sexual stimulation or sexual thoughts, I would cum. A drop of thick jelly like white fluid would drop down. Is it normal to cum like that? Like the other day I was sitting at my work table and it happened. Can it be caused by stress and exhaustion?

Why do I experience numbness throughout my body as I'm about to orgasm and for ten minutes after I orgasm?


Can you get pregnant from pre cum?

Say the guy put the condom on backwards and then fixed and a little pre cum was on it and you were trying to have sex but it wouldn't go in? Can you still get pregnant even if his penis kinda touched your pussy and had pre cum on the condom?

can sperm go through jeans and underwear


Had sex with condom. Boyfriend pulled out and condom slipped off inside me but had 1 inch sticking out at top. Any risk I could be pregnant?

He came while inside me. The condom didnt break and just slipped off with a good inch sticking out of me. I am 45 yrs old and also could be starting perimenopause. I had a period april 15th that was regular and then had another one april 29th that has lasted for 8 days and just grainy brown light flow. Do I need to worry about taking the morning after pill? I am going to check with my ob/gyn but saw this sight and thought this might be a good question to ask. I have used condoms for years and have NEVER had this happen.

Painful penetration

i haven't been sexually active for seven years and 3 months ago when trying to have sex it was painful for the guy to penetrate me. Could it be because my vaginal muscles were tight because of non sexual activity? Is there anything I could do to make the penetration less painful next time?

is it okay after having sex wit my boyfriend two days into my menstration dat my period stops?

We used a condom.

can i be pregnant?

I got off birth control jan 1 (also the same day my period ended). My boyfriend and i have had sex twice this month so far with the "pull out" method. Now i have been having a lot of thick, sticky, and white discharge for the past three days. Could i be pregnant?

my boyfriend and i were having sex and he noticed i had a pink discharge what could that be from?

my breast have also been feeling sore does that have something to do with it?

Whenever my boyfriend performs oral sex on me and I orgasm the is a huge gush of liquid. Is this urine? He thinks so. A little embarassing

It's never happened with my previous boyfriend. The only other time I've experienced it was when using a vibrator. Please help me understand what this is and if it's normal.