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during sex when in girl in top position and leaning back my whole vagina hurts, why?

it doesnt hurt in any other position or when sitting up or leaning forward on top,so i dnot think vaginal dryness is the issue. when we change out of that position its ok again.

Why can't I get wet?

I have been married for 2 weeks. We have sex every day or multiple times. I really enjoy it, but i can't get wet anymore. Why? We started having sex when we got married.

last night during sex it burned, and its never done that before what could that be from?

neither of us have been with anyone else, and for the past few weeks when I urninate it has an odd smell so i dont know id that has anything to do with it or not

I just got my first Gardisil shot, I am a 16 year old girl, and I masturbated maybe 4 to 6 hours later& orgasmed&I was wet. Is that o?

I am a virgin and I am very nervous because I heard it is bad to masturbate 24 hours after this vaccine.

What else can be done to prevent a BM? I've done ducalax(daili) & enemas. Butit still happens!

He is quite large and he is my first anal partner.

What can be the cause of my vaginal spotting? Is this serious?

Hi. I'm 22 years old, sexually active for almost 7 months now. Me and my bf (first) have been regularly having sex without protection. I've also been using emergency pills as but recently stopped because of it's side effects (which includes severe nausea). On 23rd of August my period came, which lasted up to 31st. We had intercourse during my period (on the 27th) because I was expecting it to be the last day. We had intercourse again on the 1st when my period finally ended. After 3 days, I noticed scanty brownish blood in my underwear. I experienced the same again after 5 days (today). I was wondering if it's implantation bleeding. But my bf said he was sure he hasn't injected some of his semen inside me, nor did he had pre-ejaculation. (I'm not trying to get pregnant, but just satisfying me and my bf's needs). I looked up for other causes of spotting on the internet and found out other possible causes. One of which is ovulation bleeding, but it only happens during mid-cycle not during the begining of the cycle. Could it be because of the pills which I've stopped taking 2 months ago? If not, what may have caused this? Right now I haven't gone to an OB-GYNE, for now I'd like to hear your opinions. Please help! Thank you! :)

Is there any way to increase vaginal lubrication?

When I was 19, I purposely tried to dry out my vaginal tissues slightly because I thought I was abnormally wet. So, I wore tampons for an extended amount of time when I didn't have my period. It worked a little too well. I became very dry, and five years later my natural lubrication hasn't really returned. I have a healthy diet, I drink lots of water, and I exercise. I've tried vitamin E supplements, probiotics, RePlens, etc. but nothing works. I went to the doctor and he told me there was nothing that could be done. I know this is a very strange problem, and it's also very irritating because my partner thinks I'm never aroused, but that is not the case at all. I have never discussed it with anyone besides my doctor.

I have MS was dx a year ago im unable to get an orgasm and not so interested in sex with my husband as much as i used to what can i take

notice the loss of sensation right before my dx of MS a year ago

I havent had a orgasm in over ten years whats going on?

i havent had a orgasm in years what to know whats going on sex just aint the same

What causes dizziness after being fingered?

Today, I fingered my girlfriend for the third time. She experienced slight dizziness and a mild headache the previous times; but today her motor skills depleted and became extremely dizzy with a bad headache. I did use two fingers for a short time, the other two days I did not. She was enjoying all of it until the dizziness arrived shortly afterward, she had difficulty remembering things. What may cause this? Is it a rush of blood away from her brain as her vaginal region is stimulated? or is it the fact that she is new to all of this and just all of the feelings she is experiencing (pleasure, pain, maybe orgasm as well) is a bit of an overload for her body? If it isn't anything serious, what a few suggestions to cope with the dizziness? I am worried and concerned... her latest episode frightened me. It seems as though it is something normal, but just over exaggerated. Please answer me as soon as possible Thank You very much