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Can masturbation help prevent vaginal atrophy after a hysterectomy?

I am 40 and getting ready to have a hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries. I’d like to avoid vaginal atrophy and have read that a regular sex life can help to prevent that. I’m single…but do you think manual vaginal stimulation would help?

Can I have sex after a hysterectomy?

Is intercourse possible after a hysterectomy? Or will it cause damage?

Is it okay to have sex during menstruation?

I had sex with my boyfriend on the second day of my period, and we used a condom. I've heard that it's bad for the girl’s body to have sex during menstruation, because her period will stop after engaging in intercourse. Is this true?

Why is sex painful after I orgasm?

After I orgasm, if we continue to have sex, I have pain. Why is that?

We want to have sex for the first time, but it hurts! What’s the problem?

My boyfriend and I are both virgins...but we tried to have sex for the first time a couple nights ago. When he started to enter me, I felt a sharp pain. He could put the full length of his fingers in me comfortably, but his penis caused me pain. So we ended up not doing anything. Do you have any advice?

Sometimes I get a very painful abdominal cramp during sex. What is it?

I’m a 23-year-old female and sometimes I get a painful cramp in my stomach during or after intercourse. It hurts so much I have to just sit down for 15-30 minutes. It doesn’t happen every time I have sex but it’s been going on for about a year...and only with my current partner. Any ideas what this could be?

I’m pregnant...will having sex hurt the baby?

I'm four months pregnant and I'm scared to have intercourse. Will it hurt my baby?

Could I be pregnant from Precum?

Protected sex, condom broke, but was taken out right away

How likely is it for me to be pregnant?

Me and this guy were messing around, but we didn't have sex. I am still a virgin. He pre-cums, and he was rubbing his penis around the outside of my vagina. He didn't go inside at all and he didn't ***, and I'm not sure if pre-*** even came out down there but after he was done doing that we were still messing around and I'm pretty sure he was rubbing himself. Pre-*** may have gotten on his hands and he fingered me. How likely is it for me to get pregnant from this? The last time I had my period was around June 6-10 or something like that so it's not around my time of being fertile or ovulation. Please tell me how likely it would be for me to get pregnant. Plus I haven't had my period yet and it is July 9th. I think this could be because I'm under a lot of stress and i'm making myself freak out about it.

could she be pregnant?

i masturbated this morning disposed of semen in the toilet and their was a drop left on my penis i rubbed it on a towel 45 minutes later my mom showered if she dried off with the towel could she be pregnant? the temperature was like 75 in the house thanks