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lacks of sexual desire

Hello , I don not why my wife, want not to have a sexual relations, she is 40 years old seems like she lost the interest, some times she does not allow I touch her, actually she never has been quite sexually active, but since some time to date, the problem has been Increased, she said she does not feel sexual desired, rarely we have sexual relations,what could be the reason about this? how can I do to fix this, what kind of specialist is the right one for this disorders? should we use some kind of hormones ?? thanks

i had warts one time and got treated and never had them again, so why do i get warts under the skin of my hand and toes that itch

i have also had warts on my throat since 2009 could this be related to cervical cancer causing hpv how do i find out if i have hpv and what type it is thanks in advance...

Took Plan B pill and got a period a week later. It's lasted two weeks so far, should I be concerned?

I'm in menopause, have not had a period in 11 months, took a plan B pill and a week later got a period that has lasted two weeks so far. Prior to menopause, my periods were irregular and varied in length. A week after taking the Plan B pill, I started with some brown spotting, then it became a full on period. Yesterday was two weeks. Last night, it was down to some minimal, light brown spotting and this morning it seemed to be done. Then tonight it came back on to a full period, red blood & tissue. Did I screw up taking Plan B? Should I give this some more time to see if it ends, or should I go see my Gyno now?

could she be pregnant from that?

Hi, me and and a friend (girl) from college went out the other day. Things got kind of boring so I started touching her genital area, but from outside the cloth (rubbing my hand through ang against her jeans in the vaginal area). The day this happened she was on her period, she told me it was her 3rd day of period; also she has irregular period, mostly for stress. The problem is that I dont remember if i had semen on my hand, if they where, could she get pregnant by that?

Why do I urinate when I have a strong orgasm?

It doesn't happen with every orgasm but any time I have a really strong orgasm I urinate.

Can you get pregnant by dry humping?

Me and this guy were dry humping and then after he was done that he was rubbing my clit but over top of my clothes . he was wearing boxers and sweats and I was wearing jeans and underwear. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? I've had some bloody discharge 12 days after this incident.

What contraceptive can I use?

Hi, I was on the pill (dianette) over a year ago and developed DVT where a clot developed in my leg and travelled up to my lung. I was taken off the pill and put on warfarin for over a year. I haven't used a form of contraceptive since as I was non-sexually active. I am now off warfarin but wish to go on some form of contraceptive - I am 23 years of age.

i had a leep procedure done two weeks ago and i had a wet dream like i woke up mid climax is that okay to climax with out intercourse?

i had a leep procedure done two weeks ago and i had a wet dream like i woke up mid climax is that okay to climax with out intercourse? My doctor said no vaginal intercourse for four weeks after the procedure. Will climaxing with out intercourse effect healing and infection?

What is the hard, bright pink bump near my vagina?

I just went to the washroom and when i felt my vagina there was this hard bump. The area which i found it in, i don't really shave there. I quickly shaved the area and saw that it was a bright pink bump that looked like a pimple. I tried to pop it but it only hurt. I am still a virgin, including never had oral nor anal sex. I do however masterbate regularly and recently these past 2 weeks i have been wearing tight underwear, just putting that out there to see if that has anything to do with it? This is the first time i have seen this, no sexual history, and i'm quite concerned. Any legitemate information will be very appreciated. Thank you.

pelvic strengthening

I am interested in kegel balls but am confused which type/size/weight/material ones i should get. I have never used these before but do not want to start off on the easiest. I have been strengthening my muscles by stopping urinating while i pee. i am sure i can handle the more challenging weights. there are ben wa balls, duotone, smartballs, pelvic barbells... some made with metal, pyrex glass, plastic, gold plated. Some that vibrate, they come with a remote. there are ones with inner balls inside that roll around. Some of the designs the balls connect to each other, some are single balls. some have retreival strings, spike designs on the balls. I have been trying to figure out what is best for me but with so much contradicting statements on different websites, I am left very confused! can you give me some advice please?