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Paranoid teenager: Can I get pregnant from this?

Hello, so my boyfriend and I are sorta young teenagers, and we haven't had sex but we've been doing some pretty intimate things.... today i gave him a blowjob and i stopped sucking before he came but i guess i swallowed some precum. Anyway, we made out a little after that. 30 to 45 minutes later he ate me out. Is it possible that I could get pregnant from this?

can sperms pass through clothing?

Me and my boyfriend were just fooling around I had my underwear and jeans on. But he was pretty naked. And he ejaculated on my jeans. Just around the vaginal area. Am I at a risk?

I have a ball thing inside my vagina, I can feel it when I touch myself. What would it might be? I don't want it to be something bad..

It's getting bigger. And I can feel it when I tighten myself.

Pregnancy risk through clothes

My boyfriend ejactulated, not wearing any clothes and not immediately next to my genital area, while I was wearing my underwear. We cleaned up soon after, but if some ejculate had got onto my knickers, could it have worked its way through risking me becoming pregant? My period had just finished, so I've got 3-4 weeks to wait...

Why is my mouth bleeding during oral sex?

This happened on two occasions. I performed felatio on my boyfriend and out of nowhere there was blood. I stopped immediately and checked both his penis and my mouth for cuts. There were none on either. I have no idea where the blood was coming from.

Pregnancy risk through clothes

My boyfriend ejactulated, not wearing any clothes and not immediately next to my genital area, while I was wearing my underwear. We cleaned up soon after, but if some ejculate had got onto my knickers, could it have worked its way through risking me becoming pregant? My period had just finished, so I've got 3-4 weeks to wait...

why do i keep bleeding during sex etc?

im 18 and lost my virginity when i was 15. since two years ago, ive been having sex with my boyfriend on a regular basis. at the start of our relationship, every so often i would bleed a wee bit, but i just thot nothing of it. but just last week, we doing foreplay, and he was quite rough but no more than say the week before. and i just started badly bleedling from inside. it stopped when we stopped, but it was more blood than it was at the start. do you know why this is happening? and is it serious enough to see my doctor about it?

Can dry humping get me pregnant

Me and my boyfriend were making out when things got intense and he rubbed his penis against my underwear for a minute or so. I was wearing my underwear all this time but he did not have any clothing on. we continued to make out for another 30 minutes after this but he did not cum (ejaculate) at all during this time although my vagina was wet. I'm worried if this can get me pregnant.

Should my wife focus soley on achieving her orgasm everytime we have sex?

Me and my wife have been together for 4 years, married 2. Our sex frequency has dropped from several times a week to 1-2 times a month. When it does happen, during sex, 95% of her "effort" and energy is to "get off". In my mind, I feel with the lack of frequency of sex between us, Id like to take the time to just enjoy making love to each other. The sex is always pressed for time, as we have a 2 y/o child that goes to bed at 9pm, and my wife goes to bed a few minutes after on the nights she has to work in the morning. Our sex has become a "rushed", over-stressed race for her to reach orgasm. Simple things like the room temperature, the bed covers not being over her just right always pose an immediate distraction for her. And if she feels in her mind that she will be unable to "get off" due to those distractions I stated above (or any other thing that would break her overly strong focus; the way Im laying, my position in bed, or even me trying to move with her as she requires me to just lay still and not try to trust my hips at all...I feel like a human sex toy! Total turn off for me), or just an excess amount of time trying, she'll abruptly say, " Im not gonna get off, do your thing", or "Dont worry about me, Its not gonna happen for me...", which again makes me feel inadequit, as if I could not fullfill her desires. And then sometimes I just give up myself because she is no longer into it, the natural lubrication goes dry, she begins to whimper from it, and im just not into it anymore. Yet there are times when she does reach her orgasm, but again, it as if its all she wants...not to enjoy making love to ME, she has often times had what she calls "sex dreams" where she has apparently drempt of some sexual encounter of some sort and that alone has turned her on...I then become, as her husband, her only means of satisfying that desire manufactured from a "dream" for gods sake! Again, it makes me feel like a human sex toy used only to provide satisfaction of a desire manufactured in her sleep...and not me. Ive even asked her what about me turns her on, she couldnt give me an answer. Not my butt, my body, my looks, the way I carry myself, nothing. Its just some primal urge for orgasm that she knows can only be satisfied by me as I am her husband, and she wants to stay faithful. Another twist, there have been many times where she has masterbated using her own toys, or our hand-held shower head. This upsets me greatly as I am, as a man (36 y/o) with a very high sex drive, and would make love to her anytime she wanted it. I feel as if I have been "cheated" on. That awful feeling one gets when they know another person has satisfied their significant other in one way or the other, thats how I feel when I know she has done so. So now, since her confessions to masterbating her and there via this or that angers me and causes a fight between us, she doesnt tell me when she has masterbated, or when she has her "sex dreams". But I know, its like I dont trust her...Ive even taken her personal sex toy she keeps in her bed side drawer, and positioned it in a certain way to where I know if she has used it, and most times it is in a totally different location after a few days, and with the amount of dislocation from where I positioned it, I know it just didnt get "knocked around" from her opening or closing her drawer. Theres nothing in there she needs/uses on any daily basis to open the drawer anyway...other than her toy. So in summary, I have a wife that used to be very sexual with me, now our sex frequency has declined significantly, and the couple times we do have sex is in a very time limited, content limited (very little or no foreplay or even kissing other than small pecks) and once we start her mind goes into her orgasm mode and I have to remain still, it cant be too cold in the room, the bed covers have to be over her all the way up to her neck, and most if not everytime she dont even look at me, carress me, hardly even touches me other than to support herself as she does her thing. (she has to be on top 98% of the time in order to "get off", so her hands are usually on my chest or the headboard or both in order to support herself as she thrusts her hips back and fourth) I personally dislike this type of sexual behavior, there is no intimacy, no love expressions, adoration for each others bodies by way of caressing and rubbing (with the exception of myself, in which my hands are all that it allowed to move!) And essential part of the intamacy during love making, is mostly small, "pecks", or as I attempt a sensual kiss, she'll turn her head, but not always. I just dont think its good to have sex with someone you supposedly love and engage in it with a 100% focus and effort on merely achieving orgasm. What can I do to help this? What can she do? Am I causing such behavior?

I have been having orgasms at night and yet i dont masturbate....and thing is i cant come to an orgasm while with a man... is this normal?

Even before i had sexual intercourse with a man i always had vaginal contractions at night but periodically. I have had sex like four times and i cant seem to be aroused enough to get an orgasm