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dizziness after sex

dizziness after sex

Would my partner hitting my cervix during sexual intercourse cause abdominal swelling, extreme pain and spotting?

Over 48 hours ago my partner and I were having sex, everything was fine and normal but then he thrusted hard, I felt him hit something and then an intense wave of pain radiated over my lower abdomen. I stood up thinking that the pain would ease with movement, it didn't and I ended up fainting as a result of the pain. When I came around I tried to stand, vomited and then fainted again. The intense pain lasted around 45 minutes and then began to ease off and feel like bad memstrual cramps. Since then the pain has remained, my abdomen is swollen and I have alot of lower back pain. My initial thought was that I had hit my cervix but I'm a bit concerned that over two days later the pain hasnt really eased and I have started spotting blood. I'm 25 years old and finished my last period 10 days ago. If you could give me some advice regarding what I should do it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Why do I feel extreme discomfort/ nausea during digital penetration?

During foreplay my boyfriend will sometimes use his finger to try and stimulate my g spot. I don't experience any pain but it makes me feel very nauseous and I get a lump in my throat. I also get twitching sensations in my head when I try to withstand it. I'm a little reluctant to tell him I don't like it because he will wonder why I didn't tell him when we first started being intimate. I have always had this problem even as a teen when I started exploring myself. GYN exams also produce the same effect however sexual intercourse does not. Its not too difficult to redirect my boyfriend when he does this but I do wonder what causes this? Is it a psychological issue or a physiological one? I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you

Is it possible to get pregnant if you have a little semen on your pants near your vagina?

it was on yoga pants and the underwear were slightly damp as well, I also had a tampon in but if my pants touched my vagina could I get pregnant?

what should i do?abnormal discharge/bf's painful masturbation and rash

hi,i'm female about 2 weeks ago right before my period i noticed that the discharge was slightly green and watery and had a bad smell to it.i was worried but didn't do much about it.i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he complained after of a stinging pain in his penis.i immediately thought it had something to do with the discharge.i was too embarrassed to say anything though.the pain went away for him after 2 days.i got my period and everything was a few days after it i had unprotected sex again and he complained of pain again. the next day his penis was red and his balls were red and it looked like a rash.i haven't had sex with anyone else so it's not an std.and my discharge is normal now with a normal smell and everything. i'm just worried.his rash isn't itchy btw. is it ok if the discharge just went away on it's own?we're just hoping it was irritation since the pain went away last time.he says it hurt when we didn't use a condom only

Is it normal after achieving clitoris stimulation to have some bleeding?

A couple of times after I orgasmed..ive woken up the next morning with some bleeding that only lasts for about an hour after I wake up.

Is there an explanation for fissures or what I like to call tinyrips on the labia majora?Already tested negative for Herpes and other STD's

I also stopped using all soaps and only gently cleanse my area. I am 32 and never had this happen until after my 3rd child a year ago. I did have a TCA Acid treatment done for HPV Condyloma that appeared during pregnancy and have not had anything of the HPV since. Could this have burned my skin to a thinness that is now easily torn? I have been writing down the tears every time they happen and it always happens sometime during the week before to the week after my period. Never the other two weeks of the month. I also feel itchy and almost yeasty or moist when they appear and they are noticed when I wipe or spread myself to rinse. So the wipe or water hitting it is the only reason I even realize they are there and the only time I feel a sting from it. The little cut will heal within 1 to 2 days and that's that til next month. I have had a brand new cut tested for herpes and it was negative. My gyno said I must be messing with myself too much and using to many soaps or something. Well I stopped all of that and I still get the faithful one or two tears a month. I know it's only a couple days a month to deal with it but it should have an answer or cause I would think. Usually it's in the same couple spots. Could this be Lichen Schlerosis with out the white discoloration or a strange monthly yeast side affect? I do not ever get the thick yeasty discharge either so I have no idea if that's reaching. I live in a small town and information is limited unfortunately so is the expertise available. I guess I would just say that I notice extra moisture, itchiness, urination, and then I become irritated down there and when I wipe it sometimes will leave a tiny little rip. I mean tiny too. Any help would be great. My research online has shown MANY discussions of similar issues with labia rips that are unanswered for poor women all over. It is so odd!

Want to know best solution to acheive vaginal orgasm suits my present condition

Hi i am 28 yrs old Asian female from Bangladesh. MEDICAL HISTORY When i was 18 yrs old an accident happened. I was trying to stand on a chair. When my right leg was already on the chair i was trying to put my left leg on chair. But i lost balance & my left vulva was hited by the corner of chair & I fell down. It was very much painful. Suddenly i didn’t know what to do, i was already bleeding & my left vulva swelled up. I used some cold water so that the area could not swell very much & to reduce pain. After 6 hours it was slightly bleeding but my left vulva was swelling & increased in shape. (example, if u hit by anything in your hand, forehead or any other part of body normally the hited area would swell up. The same thing happened to me). But the damage was only outer surface of my left vulva skin not inside. I went to a doctor but she did a small operation in my left vulva. She stitched my left vulva to stop bleeding which was nonsense to me later. After that small surgery 11 yrs passed but my left vulva still not in previous size before that surgery it was look like. It’s bigger in shape when see this. But when I touch it I can feel real shape of it which is totally similar to my right vulva in size, shape. The extra skin which makes my vulva bigger in look its comes from inside my vagina for reason to pull them & stitch outer surface of vulva. For the reason pulling skin & stitch them my clitoral shape has also changed. Before surgery its shape was defined like very small kind of male penis & it was in center if we draw a line between two vulva. But now it has shifted a little bit to left site & shape has changed. It has divided into two little part. One is bigger than a space like dot & another is very tiny. Also I know inside where my G spot is. When I insert fingers I can feel a sponge rough surface & tiny spot like clitoris. But so far I think when the doctor stitched my left vulva by pulling skin that surface has gone inside & over it there has another surface. If I insert my finger I can feel like if u cut a circular bun (bread) from middle not totally the lower surface inside (which is upper wall of vagina) the bun is my sponge, rough g spot area & upper side is extra skin area. My g spot area has come closer to outside of vagina. Sometimes when I intercourse I fell tension my entire skin like vulva, partially internal wall of vagina. MY PROBLEM I am married from 6 yrs. I always get clitoral orgasm when I stimulate clitoris every time during masturbation & with my partner. I usually do with water pressure from hand shower. I directly give pressure in my clitoris. I get orgasm within a minute or more extra minute. But with hand stimulation, oral from my partner orgasm feeling not harder like water pressure. But orgasm always happens. After this kind of small orgasm I never released in mind (actually my headache starts) but always get orgasm (not satisfy). Sometimes get aroused by myself, lubricate by vaginal liquid than I stimulate my clitoris & a very shot , non intense orgasm happen. Then I go to toilet insert my index finger inside my vagina stimulate g spot I feel more intensity growing inside my vagina & than give direct water pressure in my clitoris. It gives me more intense clitoral orgasm I ever had. But my problem is I never get a vaginal orgasm in my entire life alone or with my partner. My partner is very much helpful what I demand he tries to do this. I have used my index finger to stimulate my g spot in circular motion, touch & pulling method by finger, used dildo (little vibration, without vibrator), penetration(sometimes penetration is more than 30 minutes) , but I never achieved a vaginal orgasm. I have no problem of arousal, liquid. Every time when my partner penetrates I was aroused, lubricated. There has no problem of arousal, lubrication, when I excited I feel somewhere inside my vagina is pumping like heart beat. I get more excited when I insert something inside my vagina & start to stimulate I get more excited, something is trying to start, my inside is pumping like heart beat automatically. But feelings don’t go to the next step. I know what is the feeling of orgasm (may be a little bit but I know) . It is obviously not in the process of orgasm. Many times I thought may be vaginal orgasm is totally different from clitoral. So I tried may be sometimes for 30 minutes or 40 minutes. But nothing happen. My all excitement gone & I give up coz it’s painful when I trying from may be 30 or one hour. We also tried this many sex positions, but nothing happened. No feelings start for the processing of orgasm. I get excited feeling inside like I need orgasm coz when one person excited usually man feel their penis is pumping even if they doesn’t touch this I also fell this kind of things inside( feeling is like if u don’t orgasm an entire week u feel thirsty inside vagina) . My Husband doesn’t have erectic dysfunction. But we went to a doctor for this solution. The doctor gave me a vaginal cream & Viagra to him. When I useing that cream doctor said not to do clitoral stimulate orgasm for 15 days. I did it , my husband tried for seven days continuously but nothing happen to me. I get very much excited mentally, physically inside but nothing happen. Sometimes we tried it continuously for 1 hour –not painful, no feelings of starting or even in the process of orgasm. But sometimes I cried coz I need an orgasm it not mentally its physical coz I feel more intense feeling of pumping automatically. After 15 days I used my typical masturbation style with my husband I get harder typical clitoral orgasm. But still that was not enough I think it could be more intense orgasm if I can get vaginal orgasm. Coz during clitoral orgasm when my vagina squeezes more I feel more intense orgasm. When I stimulate vaginal g spot area I only feel a little bit intensity not more than this. I went many gynecologists in our country female orgasm not their concern, even they didn’t examine me physically. I went to Thailand talked with 3 doctors , 2 of them gynecologists who said they don’t have much knowledge of female orgasm, coz it’s a matter of sexologist. I went to that sexologists, even he didn’t examine me physically & told me 70-80 percent of woman are not able to get vaginal orgasm (Absart!). I have talked at least 10 women around me ( most of them r my friends, my aunt)they achieve vaginal orgasm during intercourse. Sometimes they can’t coz their partner orgasm quickly, I think it’s normal. 6 yrs has gone we r trying many things & now I am depressed, my husband also. Our normal sexual life seems to destroy. I didn’t masturbate vaginaly before that accident which occurred a long time before. So I didn’t know I was able to achieve vaginal orgasm or not before that small surgery. I m the only sexual partner for my husband & for me he also in our entire life. Now I think may be problem could occur from that small surgery. We both don’t know where to go to know the problem is my physical or not. We can go anywhere in the world to get solution. Want to talk with a reliable doctor who is well educate, expert about this problem & will listen & understand our problem, also able to give the best solution. Shape, size of my valve or vagina not coz of my concern, I want to get orgasm during penetration or any kind of vaginal orgasm . We have gone to many doctors they doesn’t examine me properly, doesn’t understand our problem what we mean. We want best solution as soon as possible. We both r very much pain specially me. I don’t have any confidence now, depressed. Can’t enjoy life properly. Plz help me as soon as possible.

could i be pregnat if precum fell in my underweare and the net day mocus came out my vagina?

Ok well yesterday I was masturbating my boyfriend and he exerted a liquid that touched my underwear and leg, I quickly took a shower but don't remember if I washed my hand before I washed my vagina ...then I putted on a clean underwear and leggings and he started rubbing his penis trough my vagina but I had the underwear and leggings on..but I can remember if he rubbed his penis with my vagina when I was only wearing an underwear.I HAVE NEVER been today (one day after this happened) liquid mucus started coming out my vagina and my period ended 6 days ago..could I be pregnant????

Can sperm travel through clothing and result in pregnancy?

My boyfriend and I were dry humping and he came. I felt that my pants were alittle damp from him so I am just wondering if it is possible for me to get pregnant.