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Can you get pregent from precum?

I really need too know the truth! I'm super scared, it was my first time.

Should I take the day after pill??

The first day of my period was July 31, 2012, it usually lasts about a week long. I had protected sex with my partner August 5 early in the morning, probably around 1-2am, and later on that afternoon, maybe around 12-1pm. The third time we had unprotected sex, maybe around 2-3pm, and he entered several times without a condom on, and we kept stopping and he kept pulling out, that was the only extent of the activity, he did not cum inside of me. I know this is wrong, and I shouldn't be doing this, and I know there is a chance of me getting pregnant, but should I still take the day after pill?? Or should I just wait to see if I get pregnant and than take the abortion pill??

Can you get pregent from precum?

I really need too know the truth! I'm super scared, it was my first time.

Is it possible for me to be Pregnant if I didn't have sex?

I was rocking on my bf penis but we both had clothes On is it possible to be pregnant bc he did cum alitle bit but inside his pants and it didn't come in my vagina? I am realy panicking so please I need an answer

After having rough intercouse last night my urine is a brownish-red and there is definitely blood in it??

I had rough intercourse with my boyfriend last night, and it was the first time I had ever had an orgasm. This morning I woke up with a lot of discomfort in my vaginal area and when I went pee this morning, my urine was a brownish-red color. I thought maybe I had started my period, because when I wiped it was red on the toilet paper. To make sure it was my actual urine that was this color, I peed onto a piece of toilet paper and there was definitely blood in my pee. I'm wondering what is causing this??

After sex, I find it difficult to stand or kneel as my legs are shaking. What is going on?

It isn't painful, just odd.

is my vagina too acidic?

when my boyfriend and i have sex it burns him when he comes and afterwards his penis is a little sore and has dry spots which are sometimes red

i recenty had anal sex without a condom and now my vagina smells. should i be concerned?


Im 5 months pregnant and I want to have sex with my boyfriend, but it takes a while for me to get off , how can i fix that?

Also we started using a vibrator and we have always had rough sex is multiple positions, and when I do hit my orgasm I squirt. Is there sex positions that are better for pregnancy? Also is it hurting the baby by me coming so hard and by him and I using toys?

Is it possible to get pregnant with your clothes on, in any form or fashion?