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where did my orgasm go?

I went into menopause at age 51. Now at 55, I can only have a n orgasm about half the time. It so frustrating, I give up. This has been going on the past year and half. Even toys fail me. This has never been an issue. I am on HRT, all bioaidentical. Could it be my HRT? I've had my testosterone increased, and desire is not an issue.

What can I do to relief abdomen pain during sex and what is causing it?

I'm 27 years old I had a cesearan 4 years ago since then I have been experiencing sharp pain in may lower abdomen I have gotten Ultrasounds (inner and outer), x rays and a pap test all come back normal. My doctor wanted me to get a cat scan doone but I can't afford it. The pain is worst during sex and during my period. What can i do or take to relieve the pain because now I'm to the point where I don't like or want to have sex and is becoming a problem for my husband and I. I never had any problems with sex or abdomen until after I had me son. I have been with my husband for 11 years sexually what can this be or what can I do for it.

what does it mean when im itching inside the vagina not outside?

its been a week already that im itchy really bad from inside my vagina not outside. im sexually active with my boyfriend. i have a bad odor. i have white discharge. and i always feel that i have to go pee but when i go to the toilet i dont pee anything. i feel like that 24/7. the itching is so bad that i put myself a hot towel down there so it can calm the itching.

My wife doesn't lubricate until climax. She can't slow down, relax, let go, or warm up. Is there a name for this? Is there a good book?

We're in a long-term committed marriage. In earlier years, we had frequent intense hormonal interpersonal issues. We sought no medical treatment. We just rode it out. They have subsided greatly over time. Intercourse is a race to the finish line. She does have orgasms. (Then, she lubricates.) We use only one position; anything else ("any other angle") brings pain. There was a brief period before menopause when I noticed real sexual feelings and behavior. That is gone now.

Early & Long Lasting Vaginal Bleeding

About two weeks ago my partner & I had unprotected sex. I released myself into her at the end of intercourse. However, she is on birth control & has been for a good couple years. The concerning thing is, is that she began bleeding two days later, a few days too early for her actual menstrual cycle. She has been bleeding ever since. Not too heavy, commonly it is light, and a light red. No pain, no cramps, it's just non-stop bleeding. I am afraid of her losing so much blood, or that we're pregnant, or whatever the cause may be. More than anything I am concerned for my partner whom I love VERY much. Please, if anyone could assist in this I would be so grateful. Thank you.

I have absolutely no symptoms but frequent white chunky discharge. Occurring anywhere from 1-2 a day.what could it be? How could I treat it.

I am not sexually active, I do not know if it is an infection. I used to only discharge when wearing thongs, (weird I know) now it happens on a regular bases at any time of day. I am not experiencing any other issues. What could it be?

What is genital wart and what is the cure?

My friend has abnormal discharges and her doctor once told her she have genital warts.

can you get pregnant if you dry hump with clothes on?

me and my boyfriend went on a date and he got on top of me and he started to rub his self on me... am i pregnant..?

Penetration hurts

I have never had sex because I am terrified that it will hurt, so I tried using a vibrator and that made me experience the most excruciating pain ever. It was absolutely unbearable. I am sick of people telling me that I need to keep on trying until I'm used to it, or do it until I am stretched out, because I don't understand how I can do that without screaming. I want to know what I can do, because lubes don't make it any better, and no matter how small the vibrator, it still hurts like hell. Operation? Meds? Ahhhhh! Help me please:)

Does undergoing treatment for HPC kill your libido?

I am a newlywed of one year. I have been undergoing treament for HepC since Nov.of last year. I am also menoposal, and take an antidepreasant. My libido is gone. I am hoping it will come back after treatment. Please give me some hope.