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i didn't ejaculate, i m in full clothes nd my gf too.. now tel meh can she b pregnant with dry humping or by pre cum...

i am wearin a boxer and a jeans , she is wearing a jeans and panty nd she is virgin too... i didn't ejaculate mt sperms ........ but i am scared her periods are gettin late day by day.... can sperms pass through clothes and make her pregnant?? i can't tell ya that how much tensed i am .. thank you.

My boyfriend's gut gets in the way during sex no matter what position, any quick fix solutions?

My boyfriend and I got together 3 years ago. He was a little overweight then, but has put on at least 60 + lbs since. I had an average BMI when we started seeing each other, and have stayed within 5 lbs of that. He weighs at least 260 lbs, and is only 5'4". I'm not a shallow person and still find him attractive, but physically I actually find sex difficult and unpleasant. It seems like no matter what position we try his stomach is so large it actually gets in the way and makes even half-way penetration impossible. Being that he is average size that's only about 2.5 to 3 inch at best. He still seems to enjoy the sex but I am VERY unsatisfied. Other than him slowly losing weight with a reasonable diet and exercise plan, is there anything I can do in the short-term to fix this problem? I've been thinking of recommending a male girdle, but I'm not sure how he'd take that. I am truly desperate for any advice.

What is "squirting"?

I keep hearing about this. Please explain.

On my second to last day of active pills i took my pill at 8pm. i then took my last active pill at 5am-9 hours later. what does this mean?

On the microgynon everyday pill

em having spotting since 18 days..and i had oral sex with the guy's clothes on and me without clothes..could i be pregnant?

i also took a medical course and the doctor told me that it may be due to stress.

Can pre cum outside of the vagina get me pregnant?

There was absolutely no penetration during intercourse. So the question is can pre cum outside the vagina get me pregnant if it was close to it but not inside at any point?

when does your sex drive come back after you stop birth control?

ive been on birthcontrol for 3 months and i stopped. it caused me too not have a sex drive so i stopped. its been almost a month and still no sex drive. is there something wrong with me?

Does a woman's vagina change after surgery and/or long periods of no sex?

I am 48 and I had a hysterectomy in 2004, nearly 8 years ago. Everything was removed except my left ovary. I have not had sexual relations for over 2 years. I am in a new relationship and while we have not had sex, we have touched. When he put his fingers into my vagina, he said it feels like there is something stopping him from going further than 3 or 4 inches. I also had some bleeding. I was wet when he started to touch me, it did not hurt when he touched me at all. He also said that it kind of fills like there are ridges inside. I had a regular female exam just a few months ago. I am wondering if perhaps it is scar tissue that has grown and the fact that I haven't had sex in over 2 years? He was very sweet about the entire thing, but I am feeling kind of defective if you can understand that. Also note that sex for several years before was not pleasurable because my partner at the time was always in a hurry and it would hurt and i would bleed afterwards at times. Thank you.

Is it possible to get pregnant from this?

So my boyfriend and I where making out and he started to dry hump me. Is it possible to get pregnant from that? Both of us had pants on. He had jeans i had shorts. So Im pretty sure that were ok. I just wanna make sure. Thanks.

Why dont I have feelings

I never felt like I love someone,but I have bf when he touch me or kiss me I dnt feel anything I dnt enjoy sex.I dnt have feelings its like my body is missing sumthing.I want to be normal I want to enjoy being a woman.please tell me wat to do.