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Is a lot of white vaginal discharge normal after taking the morning after pill?

I took the morning after pill (next choice one dose to be exact), 4 days ago after a condom slipped off inside me during sex. So far I've had some abdominal pain, back aches and I get very sleepy. But today I noticed an excess of white vaginal discharge, it kind of smelled like spoiled milk, but I'm not sure. Also i have dull pain in my lower left abdomen, is this a pregnancy sign? or is it a side effect because my hormones are all messed up from the pill?

When I try to have sex I never finish because I get scared, what can be causing that?

I only get aroused if my clitoris is stimulated, and when I'm having sex with my partner I always stop him before we finish because I get this weird feeling, its like fear. Its like I'm scared of something. What can be causing this?

I am experiencing pain sometimes during sex, what is the cause?

So, somtimes when my boyfriend and I have sex I feel like there is a body organ off to the side that he's hitting. I know it's not the cervix, I know that pain but this is a different pain. It happened recently and I know we had just ate as well. I'm not certain how often my body organs move, if they do but I'm not sure why this is happening. My last physical was October of 2011 and I know there aren't any physical issues. I also don't want to spend $100 for my doctor to tell me she doesn't know whats wrong. Do you have any ideas?

Are there any risks if my boyfriend ejaculates in my anus after having anal sex?

I am female

I had sex for the first time and I don't know whether i had proper insertion or not..

Last night I tried having sex with my Boyfriend for the first time. It pained a lot plus I started bleeding also (not much). It wasn't planned so we didn't used condoms either. He tried many times but everytime it hurt and bled a little. Does it bleed even if the hymen didn't break. Because he said that neither I had a proper insertion nor he ejaculated. He didn't even felt the need for masturbating. My friend says its impossible and he Is lying. But both me and my boyfriend were quite scared so we weren't even excited properly means we didn't lose nts senses. i want to trust him.. Still Do i have a chance of getting pregnant?? Should i take an emergency contraceptive pill..?? It is the second week from my last menstruation.. Em quite worried... It wasn't his first time.

i can do number 2 in the bathroom is this because of anal sex?

I have like 3 days that i can shit. And 3 days ago i was having anal sex was that the problem or what is wrong?

Is it possible to develop an allergy to ingested semen?

Within hours of performing oral sex I develop severe abdominal cramping and diarrhea. It's happened with several partners but never happened with my former spouse. Is this an allergy?

Is it possible to get pregnant without sexual intercourse,with clothes on?

My boyfriend and i went out for a movie.i was sitting on his legs, the event that he did ejaculate,what is the possibility of pregnancy?we were both wearing jeans,i even had a skin tight on top of my panties please help.worried!my period is due in a week and i have been stressed

can you get pregnant from precum?

i've googled it so many times and im getting yeses and no's. i really need to know the RIGHT answer.

Can a metal speculum tear the hymen?

About two years ago, my doctor used a metal speculum to check for any vaginal infections. It was quite painful, however I did not bleed. Is it possible for a metal speculum to tear my hymen? I am also unsure if it is broken or not because I haven't been able to insert a tampon. If it is broken, then at least I know the entry to my vagina is just tiny.