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Girlfriend cannot have orgasm as it is too 'intense' for her. What to do?

I will go down on my girl and rub her (clit). Girlfriend will just reach a climax, legs start to shake, noises and so on... but then she'll suddenly stop me and I originally thought it's because I was too hard/much, and that made her sensitive. It turns out it felt too good? like it was too intense. She has never done anything with anyone else, she is 21, and has never had an orgasm by herself. What could I possibly do? If she is scared of something, what could it be and how can I overcome this?

I always feel sometin in my anus when having sex not that painful feel like something what to come out of the anus

Fertile period

Over 50, self stimulation and using vibrators is new to me. Already having difficulty achieving orgasms.

I was married a LONG time. Unfortunately not in any relationship (despite frustrating attempts to meet decent men.) Yrs post divorce I wanted to date and experiment with seeing several men. It wasn't and isn't happening. I don't want to turn into a 'crone'. The first time I tried a vibrator (this year), I was hyper sensative and it was exhilerating. Now I'm having difficulty achieving one if at all. Also, not feeling motivated or desiring it much. What now?

what does it mean if you come on your period,2 weeks after you already had?

my cousin is havin this thought tha she may be pregnant. it was like she had sex,and she isnt sure that her boy friend had on a condom,-plus it was dark and she wasn`t paying attention at the time whether he did or now shes having a burning throat,and shes having cramps and all-mood swings, irregular period,and also sickness(not throwing up).. what does this mean fpr her

What is causing my low sex drive and decreased ability to orgasm during sex?

In each previous relationship, I have only been able to orgasm a maximum of two times. I got my Mirena IUD inserted in April of 2011 after having been on the ring for a couple months and the Pill for 2 years. I have been researching different birth control options but the hormonal ones all influence libido, and sex drive is influenced by a hormone called LH. A friend of mine has the same IUD but she has no problem with sex. I haven't had my period since I got the IUD placed. Some things I might add: I was sexually abused when I was 7, my eating habits aren't the greatest but I do work out, and I have a problem with low iron and dehydration. My boyfriend of a month doesn't last very long during sex. I haven't orgasmed yet with him, even though we spend some time on foreplay, which includes fingering and oral. I feel like I'm going to have an orgasm but then it never comes, and he is already done by that time. Is my ability to orgasm due to him, me, my past, or the IUD and its hormones? Should I switch to another type of birth control?

I am having a difficult time reaching an orgasm; however, ED is not the issue

I am a married male, late 40's, overall healthy, 6'1 198lbs. There are a few financial stresses but nothing overwhelming. I was recently promoted in my job which added more responsibility. The problem started about 18 months ago (according to my wife). At times I have given up trying to climax but have never had an issue with maintaining an erection. I reach the attended goal 85% to 90% of the time but it takes a while (25 to 30 minutes, sometimes longer). My wife has voiced the length of time can be uncomfortable for her at times. Throughout my married life this has never been an issue until recently. Can you recommend something to help.

if you have sex on day one on your period and have a regular period could you get pregnant?

i know sperm can survive 3-5 days so how long would have to wait to take a pregnancy test?

Can a cough medicine effect the morning after pill

on birth control, condom broke, taking morning after pill to be safe but afraid the cough medicine (robitussin) will stop it from working.

Why is my vaginal opening not open?

Hi! I'm a 17yo female. For the past few years I've been masturbating only by rubbing my clitoris, I never tried inserting anything in there. Everything was alright. I could excite myself very easily and I had orgasms and all. About two months ago I lost my virginity by inserting my own finger. It broke and bleed and all, but I could only insert like 2-3cm. I tried again and again and again after a few hours then a few days using all kinds of stuff but I just couldn't. The vaginal opening isn't open, it's shut and I hit something that feels like beads in a sack of skin. And it hurts and feels wrong if I try to push harder. After that I started having problems getting orgasms by rubbing my clitoris. I still get excited easily but when I touch it for a couple of seconds I calm down again, and if I insisted and went on rubbing I need like 5min until I get an orgasm-like feeling that's not as good. Is it because I'm used to clitoris rubbing? Or because I'm not having a sex partner? My body is functioning well and I'm very healthy. What could be the problem?

Can you get pregnant from making out/heavy petting with clothes on?

My boyfriend and I were making out. We were both fully clothed (He had on boxers and shorts, I had on panties and pants) Now my period is late and I am afraid I may be pregnant from this. Is it possible?