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Women are just as interested in casual sex as men


An article on explores the complex nature of women and casual sex. The idea that females don't enjoy these types of encounters has become an antiquated one, an idea that has been supported by research.

The news source cited a statistic from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior which revealed that nearly 46 percent of women and 44 percent of men said their last sexual encounter was casual.

Additionally, the article reported on findings by researchers at the University of Copenhagen which suggested that a man's attractiveness plays a big role in whether a woman will sleep with him in a casual setting, while looks did not appear to factor into a man's decision of whether he would have casual sex with a woman.

Individuals who have casual sexual encounters may be putting themselves at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially if they are not practicing safer sex. In order to minimize the chances of contracting an STD, men and women should remember to use condoms and get tested on a regular basis.