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Why is sex painful after I orgasm?

After I orgasm, if we continue to have sex, I have pain. Why is that?

answered by Annette Fuglsang Owens, MD, PhD on August 30, 2011

Thanks for asking about painful sex in relation to orgasm…it’s a subject that a lot of women are concerned about.

First, it’s quite common for women to have pain with or after an orgasm. In building up to an orgasm, the vagina opens up and the tissue around your vagina, as well as the vulva (the outside parts of the female genitals), get filled or engorged with blood. So orgasm happens at the height of arousal and – after that rush of sensation – if sex continues, it’s common to feel over-stimulated and uncomfortable. One way to think about it is that, after orgasm, your body is “done” and wanting to relax.

Also, keep in mind that the muscles in the outer part of the vagina and other places contract or clamp down during orgasm, which can cause increased friction if intercourse continues.

So what can you do? After reaching orgasm, it may help if you stretch out and delay having sex again immediately. Or, you and your partner can experiment ways to help your partner cum sooner so that you’re more in synch.

Finally, just to be on the safe side, I would encourage you to get examined by your doctor…just to make sure that the pain you’re experiencing isn’t a symptom of a more serious condition.

Thanks again for your question, and I wish you good luck and good health.

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Annette Fuglsang Owens, MD, PhD

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