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Washington D.C. students given sex education test

Sexual education is not usually the kind of subject that finds itself on standardized tests, but a new landmark exam conducted in Washington, D.C. has revealed some interesting data about students' knowledge of sexual health and human relationships, reported the Center for American Progress Action Fund. The 50-question health exam, which was administered to more than 11,000 students in the nation's capitol, highlighted the fact that students still have a long way to go in recognizing practical solutions for sexual health issues and finding the proper channels to seek assistance.

Perhaps one of the most surprising trends to surface is that students scored an average of 62 percent on the sexual health test, far exceeding the average score for math and reading, which ranked at 49 and 46 percent. In Washington D.C., where high rates of HIV, teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are common, the test gave community health advocates a better sense of where sexual education needs to be improved in the students' curriculum, reported The Washington Times.

"While the results are concerning to MetroTeenAIDS, they demonstrate exactly how serious this epidemic is and which schools are most in need of improvement," Adam Tenner, executive director of MetroTeenAIDs, an organization which strives to prevent HIV infections among young people, told the news source.

Ultimately, the test is a historic event in the world of education that will allow teachers and public health advocates to take a closer look at the problem and focus their efforts on specific topics that they need to improve. Hopefully, in time this will lead to a more comprehensive sexual education program and provide students with the knowledge to practice safe sex.