Sexual Health news - South Carolina

University of South Carolina sexual health

The University of South Carolina’s Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance (BGLSA) held a unique sexual health event to inform students of healthy sexual practices. The BGLSA hosted an open discussion on sexual orientation with visual references from pornographic material. Students were encouraged to engage in a group discussion that analyzed different views of sexual health. Students were given valuable information on various issues relating to sexual health.

Authorities were there to check identification at the door to ensure that no minors entered the event. With a shock-tactic title like “Porn and Pizza,” the group hoped to raise greater awareness about the need for an open dialogue surrounding sexual health. The group thanked attendees for their mature approach to the topic and the event.

It is important for healthy sexual practices to be communicated and openly discussed. Creating an open environment for students can help to alleviate the prominence of sexually transmitted diseases and stigmas surrounding certain sexual preferences. Students who have a solid sexual education and a healthy sexual outlook will make better decisions when it comes to safe sex practices. Sexually active students should receive regular STD screenings in conjunction with using a condom and limiting their number of sexual partners as a part of their commitment to sexual health.