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Did I get trich because my boyfriend is cheating?

I’ve been dating a man for two years...we have one child together and another on the way. About six months ago, I found out I had trichomoniasis. My doctors treated it with an antibiotic. Is trich an STD? Can trich hurt my unborn child? Did I get it because my boyfriend was sleeping around? I feel sick with distrust of him.

Can you catch trichomoniasis from anal sex?

My boyfriend and I have been faithful to each other, but now we’ve both been diagnosed with trich. Could this be because we recently tried anal sex?

Is it okay to have sex while being treated for trichomoniasis?

I’m a 20-year-old female and today I was diagnosed with trichomoniasis. My doctor prescribed medication for me and my it okay if we have sex during the treatment period?