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The power of persuasion

It certainly is startling that youths between the ages 15 and 24 make up over half of the newly diagnosed STD cases, but the same age group is host to another startling statistic. About 9 percent of teens and young adults said yes when asked if they had "kissed, touched, or done anything sexual with another person when that person did not want [them] to.” The 2011 study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that almost 1 in every 10 high school and college-aged people had coerced someone into sexual activity. According to the study, 75 percent of the victims were in a romantic relationship with the perpetrator.

The study only surveyed 1,058 youths, so the results may not be representative of the larger population. But it is the first study to ask that type of question. These alarming results show the need for better sexual health education. Whether it is a discussion over the use of a condom or engaging in sex, youths should know that both parties need to feel comfortable with the situation before moving forward.

It is important for individuals who are sexually active to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases. It doesn’t matter if one engages in oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. Diseases can still be spread and it is important to be screened to ensure a clean bill of health. With coerced sexual acts, it is far less likely that a condom will be used. It is even more important for both parties to get tested.