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The majority of senior males are sexually active


Some people don't like discussing sexual health of the elderly. However, skirting the issue may be a factor that has lead to the current rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among the 65-and-older age group.

The fact is that many senior citizens still have years of sexual activity left in them, as was suggested by a recent study conducted at Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain.

Authors of the study surveyed 1,939 heterosexual people over the age of 65 and discovered that 62 percent of men and 37 percent of women are still having sex. The most common intimate activities the subjects reported were kissing, caressing and vaginal penetration. Seniors were least likely to report engaging in oral sex and masturbation.

The researchers said that they also determined some factors that may result in a lack of sexual activity among seniors, findings which may improve treatment for sexual dysfunction in this age group. Individuals who were older than 75, didn't have a partner, were not well-educated, had a poor perception of their health and sexuality, experienced two or more chronic conditions or were on a combination of medications were the least likely to engage in sexual activity.

"This can be applied to preventing illnesses and promoting health and healthy sexual practices," said lead author Domingo Palacios.

This new research supports previous studies, one which revealed that about 60 percent of seniors reported having sex about four times per month. Another survey indicated that an estimated 73 percent of people between the ages of 57 and 64 were sexually active.

Results of this study suggest that older individuals should keep in mind the basic tenets of safer sex, which include proper condom use and regular STD testing.