Expert Q & A Answers About UTI

My boyfriend is a quad. When I give him head, we leave his indwelling catheter that safe?

I’m a healthy 46-year-old woman. My boyfriend is a 47-year-old quad. After being together a year, we’ve found many ways to be sexually intimate with each other...even though he can't have sexual intercourse. One of the things he enjoys is my giving him head. He has an indwelling catheter, which we usually leave in. Can I contract any infections from doing this? I'm concerned because he has frequent bladder infections.

I’m a female, and I have a burning feeling after intercourse...most often with latex condoms. Do I have a latex allergy?

I’m a female, and I recently noticed a burning sensation after intercourse...most often with latex condoms. It sometimes results in a bladder infection a couple days after sex. Could I be allergic to latex?

I’ve only had sex once, but now I have a burning sensation when I pee. Did I catch an STD from my girlfriend?

I’ve only had sex once with my current girlfriend who has no symptoms of any STDs. I wore a condom and the sex was really brief. But now I have a burning sensation when I pee. I’ve been tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and both came back negative. Could my partner have given me something else?

Why won't my bacterial vaginosis infection go away?

I’ve had a bacterial vaginosis infection and a UTI in the last two months. After I finished those medications, I had a sore abdomen and lower back. The doctor said I still had bacteria in my urine so I’m taking more antibiotics...but I don’t feel any different. I’ve been tested for chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea but those came back negative. What could be causing these recurring problems?

Could an STD cause really sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach?

I’m experiencing sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach. I’m having problems bending or taking deep breaths, and I also have very painful urination. It seems like my vagina is inflamed too. My boyfriend and I have both been tested and are negative for STDs. What could this be?

I that why I keep getting urinary tract infections?

I’m a female, C5 quad and have never had a sexually transmitted disease. I self-cath and haven't had serious urinary tract infections before. My boyfriend and I are in a monogamous relationship and recently became sexually active. We don’t use protection...could this be why I’ve been getting more frequent urinary tract infections lately?

My girlfriend has a burning feeling when she urinates and when I masturbate her...what’s wrong?

For about a month, my girlfriend has been having a burning feeling when she urinates and when I masturbate her. I do have oral sex with her and masturbate her, but we haven’t had intercourse. It shouldn’t be an STD because we’re both virgins, right?