Expert Q & A Answers About STDs and pregnancy

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and just got a herpes outbreak! Will my baby be OK?

I’ve had genital herpes for three years with few outbreaks. Now I’m 36-weeks pregnant and have an outbreak for the first time in more than a year! Is it possible to have a safe pregnancy and delivery?

I had syphilis...will I be able to have a baby?

I recently found out the I'm positive for syphilis. My doctor gave me a shot to get rid of it, but I want to know if there are lasting health effects from having syphilis, and if I'll be able to have children.

Did I get trich because my boyfriend is cheating?

I’ve been dating a man for two years...we have one child together and another on the way. About six months ago, I found out I had trichomoniasis. My doctors treated it with an antibiotic. Is trich an STD? Can trich hurt my unborn child? Did I get it because my boyfriend was sleeping around? I feel sick with distrust of him.