Expert Q & A Answers About penis bump

I have a small, hard, white-colored bump on the underside of my penis...what is it?

About a month or so ago, I noticed a small, hard, white-colored bump on the underside of the penis at the base (about where the scrotum and penis meet). I thought it might be an STD, but it didn’t hurt or itch, so I figured I would just "wait and see." I got tested for HIV and syphilis, and am awaiting results. But now the bump is bigger, bullet-shaped, and somewhat painful and itchy. Any idea what it might it be?

I don’t have signs of an STD, but my boyfriend just noticed a little red bump on his penis...what could this be?

This little red bump has appeared on my boyfriend’s penis, and it’s been causing him tremendous pain. We have been having sex for the past five months ⎼ he was a virgin and I’d only had sex with one other person before him. I have had no signs of an STD at all. Do you know what this could be? 

My penis has a small hard bump below the skin...but I’m a virgin. Could it be an STD?

Recently, I’ve noticed a hard, tiny bump below the skin on the top of my penis. When I move the skin around, the bump stays in place. I’m 17 and I’ve never been sexually active. Do you think I might have an STD?

I have a couple bumps on my penis, but they don’t look like pictures I’ve seen of genital warts. What else could they be?

About a month ago, I noticed a tiny bump on the head of my penis. A week ago, another tiny bump appeared beside the first one. I've seen pictures of genital warts, but my bumps look nothing like the pictures I’ve seen. Do I have an STD? I’m concerned.