Expert Q & A Answers About infidelity

My husband cheated on me...he used a condom, but am I still at risk for STDs?

My husband just admitted that he cheated on me a few years ago. I know that after he did, I got some type of infection that the doctor cleared up with medication. He said he used a condom with the other woman. Could he have transmitted an STD from her to me even though he used a condom with her? Second, I might leave long should I wait before having sex with someone new?

Did I get trich because my boyfriend is cheating?

I’ve been dating a man for two years...we have one child together and another on the way. About six months ago, I found out I had trichomoniasis. My doctors treated it with an antibiotic. Is trich an STD? Can trich hurt my unborn child? Did I get it because my boyfriend was sleeping around? I feel sick with distrust of him.