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Expert Q & A Answers About inability to orgasm

I haven’t had an orgasm in 20 years. What can I do?

I’m 45 and I haven’t been able to have an orgasm for more than 20 years…either by masturbation or intercourse. I was able to have them as a teenager and young woman, but they stopped after I had a serious anxiety disorder and left my husband. I do go to a therapist, but not specifically for this. I’m single and this interferes in my relationships with men because they seem to think it’s a reflection on them…which only causes me more anxiety. What should I do?

I can orgasm from masturbation but not from intercourse. What’s going on?

I’m a woman and I can’t orgasm during intercourse, although I can achieve orgasm by masturbation. My partner and I love each other a lot, but our lives have been really stressful lately. I have a low sex drive and I’m feeling depressed about unemployment. How can I enjoy sex with my partner again?