Expert Q & A Answers About HPV types

My girlfriend has there a test for men to find out if I have it too?

Hi. My girlfriend just found out that she has HPV. I’m fairly certain I have it, too, because we’ve had unprotected sex. She’s on the pill, so we figured that would be okay. She’s slept with two other people besides me and used condoms. She’s my first and only I’m wondering how I can know for sure if I have HPV and if there are any treatments for it. Also, will I have the same type she has and will it cause warts?

I’m pregnant and I think I have genital warts...will they affect the baby or delivery?

I just found out I’m pregnant...and I think I may have genital warts. I have small bumps on my labia, but nowhere else. The bumps are sometimes itchy. My husband doesn’t have any visible signs of bumps on his penis. If I do have genital warts, can I treat or cure them during pregnancy? Do genital warts affect the baby during delivery? Should I ask my doctor for a test when I go for a check up, or just wait until I have the baby if there’s nothing I can do before birth?

Will my friend still be able to have sex if she finds out she has HPV?

My friend might have HPV...she went to the doctor to get tested and she’s waiting for the results. Assuming she does have HPV, what are the chances that she can continue to have a normal sex life?