Expert Q & A Answers About HPV and HIV

I’m a gay man..what tests should I get on a regular basis?

I’m a 42-year-old gay man who is rarely involved passively (receptively), in protected anal sex encounters. My question is whether I should get certain medical tests/screenings on a regular basis. I check my HIV status regularly and I’ve received a vaccination against hepatitis B, but I’m concerned about the human papillomavirus infection, among others.  

Is it possible to get genital warts in the anus? Also, I have HIV...does that affect genital warts?

I have HIV and HPV. I have skin-colored bumps on my anal area and red bumps on my buttocks. They have been itching and burning for the last 10 weeks. It can be pretty intense. Sometimes they bleed. My dermatologist says the bumps are due to HPV, so I’m starting a treatment with Aldara. She said it was safe to use it perianally and intra-anally...but the manufacturer says to only use it externally. Which one is true? Also, do genital warts usually have these symptoms?

I’ve noticed some spots on my penis when it’s I have HPV?

I have a lot of visible spots on my penis that I can only see when I have an erection. I’ve also just noticed some largish brown blotches in my genital area. One is on my penis and there are a few others beside my penis on my legs. I’m usually healthy, but now I’m worried. Do I have HPV?