Expert Q & A Answers About Herpes

What do photos of herpes look like?

I’d really like to see some photos of herpes to know what it looks like. Do you have any or know where I could find some?

What is genital herpes in women?

What are the symptoms of genital herpes in women?

Is a cold sore herpes?

I have cold sores and someone told me that means I have herpes. Is that true? I thought they were just something everyone got.

What are herpes symptoms?

I’m kind of worried about some spots on my penis. What would I see if I had herpes? What are herpes symptoms?

What are the treatments for herpes?

I’m curious about what are the treatments for herpes. Can you tell me more?

Could you explain how you get herpes?

I’m worried about getting herpes. How do you get herpes and how can I protect myself?

How can one get herpes?

Just curious…what are the ways one can get herpes?

What is the symptoms of herpes?

How do I know if I have genital herpes? What is the symptoms?