Expert Q & A Answers About genital warts prevention

Can I catch genital warts from giving my boyfriend a hand job?

My boyfriend has genital warts. I don’t understand how I could get infected. If I stimulate him by hand (I mean by giving him a hand job), will I get infected...even if I don’t see any warts?

My partner’s genital warts went away after treatment...can I still catch them?

My boyfriend just came home after being away for four years. He got tested for STDs and found out he has genital warts. I was tested too, and I’m clear. But we’re due to get married so I want to know: if his warts are removed, can I still contract the virus? Can I only get it if he has an outbreak?

Can I pass genital warts through oral sex after the warts are gone?

I’ve just been diagnosed with HPV and I’m being treated for genital warts. What are the chances of transmitting the virus through oral sex after all signs of the virus have disappeared? And what are the chances of transmitting the virus through vaginal and anal sex?