Expert Q & A Answers About genital warts HPV

Are there different types of HPV? If I have the kind that causes cervical cancer...will I also get genital warts?

Are all human papillomavirus (HPV) strains the same? I had an abnormal Pap smear and my doctor says I have HPV which can lead to cervical cancer if left untreated. Does that mean I could also get genital warts?

I’m pregnant and I think I have genital warts...will they affect the baby or delivery?

I just found out I’m pregnant...and I think I may have genital warts. I have small bumps on my labia, but nowhere else. The bumps are sometimes itchy. My husband doesn’t have any visible signs of bumps on his penis. If I do have genital warts, can I treat or cure them during pregnancy? Do genital warts affect the baby during delivery? Should I ask my doctor for a test when I go for a check up, or just wait until I have the baby if there’s nothing I can do before birth?