Expert Q & A Answers About CP

What do I need to know before dating someone with cerebral palsy?

I am an able-bodied gay man interested in dating a man with mild cerebral palsy (he uses canes to walk). But I’m a little nervous about becoming involved with him. I'm afraid of him becoming dependent on me and of me losing my freedom. I suppose I’m also concerned about handling the social stigmas attached to dating someone who has a visible difference in the way he moves and talks. Intellectually I know it is what's inside someone that counts (I’m attracted to him and he has a great sense of humor)...but I still have some prejudices. What are some ways for me to handle my own prejudices as well as social stigmas so that I can just date him like anybody else without a disability? And if we become sexually involved, what types of issues would I need to be aware of beforehand?

My husband has cerebral palsy...will we be able to have a baby?

I'm a 24-year-old woman who’s married to a 23-year-old male wheelchair user who has cerebral palsy. Is there any reason why he wouldn’t be able to impregnate me? He has complete sexual function and we have a normal sex life.