Expert Q & A Answers About bacterial vaginosis

What other infections have symptoms similar to bacterial vaginosis?

Recently after sex, I experience an itch on my clitoris and vaginal opening. Sometimes it hurts. I looked at my vagina using a mirror and I noticed a white discharge. This only happens after sex, even when we use condoms. Why? Could it be from having different sex partners and switching to a new one? About a month ago I had gardnerella.

What is bacterial vaginosis? Is bacterial vaginosis an STD?

After a regular Pap smear at my gynecologist's office, I found out I have an infection called gardenella (bacterial vaginosis). What is it? Is it an STD? I don’t want my husband to get this that even possible? My husband doesn’t show any signs, but I’m still nervous! Thank you.

I have a burning itch on my vagina. What could it be? Would douching help?

I have a burning itch on my vagina. I live in a hot tropical environment so I’m always sweating, but I do my best to stay clean by washing the area often. I’ve even stopped having sex to prevent any other problems, but that doesn’t seem to help. What could this be? Do you recommend douching?

Why won't my bacterial vaginosis infection go away?

I’ve had a bacterial vaginosis infection and a UTI in the last two months. After I finished those medications, I had a sore abdomen and lower back. The doctor said I still had bacteria in my urine so I’m taking more antibiotics...but I don’t feel any different. I’ve been tested for chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea but those came back negative. What could be causing these recurring problems?

Is it OK to get oral sex if my discharge looks like cottage cheese?

I have discharge that looks like cottage cheese...and my vagina itches. But I have no other signs of illness. Is it OK to receive oral sex?

I think my last girlfriend gave me something that causes a bad smell from my penis. What could it be?

My last girlfriend had a horrible smell from her vagina. We had unprotected sex and now I seem to have something of that smell, too. I notice the smell a couple of hours after I've urinated but don’t have pain when I pee. I have only had this smell since I had a sexual relationship with this girl. I'm thinking of going to my local clinic to get tested, but would like your advice first. This is stopping me from getting another girlfriend and it's making me depressed.

Can bacterial vaginosis cause infertility?

I was just diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and I’m wondering if it can cause infertility...especially if you have it for a long time and don’t get it treated. I had discomfort for almost a year before my doctor identified it. Right now I’m 21 and not ready for kids, but I’d like to have them sometime in the future.

Why does my partner get a burning feeling when I ejaculate inside her?

My girlfriend gets a burning feeling when I ejaculate inside her. When I don’t ejaculate, it doesn’t burn. Is this normal? Also, sometimes after intercourse I get hot-spots on and around my penis. Is this common? I’ve been tested for STDs and she’s been tested for yeast infection, but everything came back negative.

What causes vaginal discharge to change color and smell bad?

For the past few months, I’ve had vaginal discharge that has an off-color and a pretty bad odor. What is it?

My vagina is itchy and white with some kind of mucous. What should I do?

About three days ago, my private parts started to get very itchy. When I looked at my vagina with a hand mirror, it looked like the opening to my vagina was white with some kind of mucous. What should I do? Will this influence my relationship with my husband of two years? Will I still be able to get pregnant?