Expert Q & A Answers About antibody herpes test

What is the most effective way to test for herpes?

I want to get a test for herpes but I don't know what I should look for in a test. What's the best and most accurate way to get tested for herpes simplex virus?

Can you tell me when to test for herpes?

I’m worried that I might have herpes. Can you tell me more about when to get tested?

How much is a herpes test?

I’m thinking about getting tested for herpes, but I’m not really sure how much a herpes test costs. Can you educate me?

What are all of the symptoms for herpes?

I’m looking for information on herpes and I just want a list of all of the symptoms for herpes. Can you help?

What is a herpes test?

What is a herpes test? Is it a blood test? What else do I need to know about it? 

I’m wondering how to test for herpes.

A guy I slept with a while ago just told me he has genital herpes. Does that mean I have it too? Can you tell me how to test for herpes?

What are signs of herpes?

How would I know if I have herpes or not? What are the signs of herpes?