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Switching up sexual activities may provide more satisfaction

Americans are having more sex than ever before - approximately 150 times a year or 3 times per week, according to the results of a study conducted by condom company Trojan. However, levels of sexual satisfaction are declining among both men and women. If such a decrease is the result of boredom in the bedroom, it may be time to be a bit more adventurous. Trojan not only released a new line of deep-ribbed condoms - which can protect against common sexually transmitted diseases like genital herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea, and spice things up - but also surveyed 1,000 Americans who were 18 years of age or older about their sex life.

Many Americans like shaking things up

There is a variety of things that can work for couples when it comes to sex, whether it may be new location, novelty toys or role playing. In fact, 88 percent of surveyed participants reported that they thought sex needs to be spiced up every now and then, and that it's important to keep things fresh and interesting. The most popular ways to achieve this involve engaging in sex spontaneously, using a lubricant, having sex someplace different from the bedroom and talking dirty to each other. Almost three-fourths of survey participants were also interested in using a vibrator and trying a new kind of condom.

Is sex on your mind?

The survey asked questions about how much individuals thought about sex. On average, men thought about sex 15 times a day, whereas women only thought about it four times. Less than half of participants reported wanting sex to last longer. Also, men were found to be more open to experimenting and were less likely to fake orgasms than women.

In addition, parents are more likely to work hard to keep an active sex life by having spontaneous sex, changing locations and using a vibrator, when compared to couples who didn't have children.

"We're seeing a movement where women and men are becoming more comfortable talking about sex openly and exploring their sexuality by getting innovative in the bedroom to charge things up, which is why we continue to get innovative in the lab," said Bruce Weiss, the vice president of marketing at Trojan.