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Survey reveals that the average American has a satisfying sex life

Condom manufacturer Trojan recently conducted a survey to gauge the sexual behavior and satisfaction of Americans by region. While it found that, on average, 76 percent of people in the country are satisfied, some are having a better time in bed than others.

The findings reveal that quality may trump quantity when it comes to sex, since Los Angeles residents reported having the most, at 135 times per year, but only 75 percent said they were happy with their sex lives.

Conversely, Philadephians had sex just 99 times annually, but had the highest rate of satisfaction at 82 percent.

"The Sex Census adds to our understanding of sexual behavior across different parts of the country, having probed deep into the sexual landscape, reinforcing that Americans demonstrate a high comfort level in exploring with and learning from their partners," said Michael Reece, Ph.D.

Additionally, a total of 19 percent of respondents reported "sexting," or sending sexual text messages, or having sexual conversations online. Less than 20 percent of individuals said they have had sex with someone they met on the internet.

Individuals who engage in casual sex should be sure to always use condoms and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to reduce their risk of becoming infected.