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I have red spots on my penis after unprotected sex...what are they?

I’m a 31-year-old male who has been stupid and had unprotected sex. Now I have a few red spots on my penis and the skin seems to be rubbing off. When I touch the spots, it stings a little. Also, one side of my penis is slightly swollen. Can you please let me know what you think it is?

I can feel a small bump at the back of my girlfriend’s vagina when I finger her...what is it?

Lately when I finger my girlfriend, I feel a small bump on the back wall of the vagina where she likes to be touched. It feels like a pimple ⎼ it’s smooth to touch and it doesn’t hurt her. What is it? Is it because I don’t always wash my hands?

Why does my partner get a burning feeling when I ejaculate inside her?

My girlfriend gets a burning feeling when I ejaculate inside her. When I don’t ejaculate, it doesn’t burn. Is this normal? Also, sometimes after intercourse I get hot-spots on and around my penis. Is this common? I’ve been tested for STDs and she’s been tested for yeast infection, but everything came back negative.

I’m a virgin with a small, red, itchy bump on my right vaginal lip...what is it?

I’m a virgin with a small, red, itchy bump on my right vaginal lip. It hurts to rub, but I’m a virgin. A similar bump has appeared before in other places. Do you have any idea what it could be?

I have whiteheads at the base of my penis...can I do something about them?

I’m worried because my penis has a large number of whiteheads around its base. Is there a way to get rid of them so I can have clear skin? 

After having sex with me, my partner got bumps on his penis, but I don’t have symptoms...could it be an STD?

A guy I had sex with told me he’d gotten some pimple-like bumps all over his penis. The bumps hurt until he popped them. He also said it hurt to pee. He’s had sex with other people, but he only got the bumps after he had sex with me. We both got tested for STDs and we’re both negative...but I’m concerned. Could something else have caused those bumps?

Could an STD cause really sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach?

I’m experiencing sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach. I’m having problems bending or taking deep breaths, and I also have very painful urination. It seems like my vagina is inflamed too. My boyfriend and I have both been tested and are negative for STDs. What could this be?

Do I have scabies or hives or something? I keep noticing a skin rash when I fool around with my girlfriend.

For the last three weeks, I have been getting skin rashes before and after fooling around with my girlfriend. (We aren't having sex.) These rashes (small bumps) come and disappear within an hour or so. Just recently, I spotted some on the back of my neck, on my lower chest and inner elbow. Do I have scabies or hives, or something else?

There’s a skin-colored bump on the lip of my vagina...what is it?

I found a bump on the inside of my vagina on the smaller lips (labia minora). It’s the same color as everything else and it isn’t elevated. However, when I touch it, it feels like a bump. I’m not sexually active, so I know it’s not an STD. What is it?

We used a condom at first, but then we stopped. That’s when I noticed this red rash and skin-colored bumps. What are they?

My girlfriend and I recently started having sex. When we had sex for the first time, I used a condom and everything was fine. Then, she got on the pill and we stopped using a condom. That’s when I developed a red rash and many skin-colored bumps on the shaft, scrotum and anus that are uncomfortable, but not painful. I don’t feel sick and I don’t have any trouble peeing. Is this an allergic reaction to her birth control or something that her body makes? Or, do I have an STD?