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STD dating site helps people find a match

Dating sites tailored to help individuals affected by HIV and other STDs have been successfully making matches for years. One dating site,, has entered into its 12th year of matchmaking. Sites that cater to people affected by STDs offer a stigma-free setting, where people can openly discuss their health status to others who understand.

These dating sites not only help individuals find a special someone, they do not have to be concerned about passing along a particular infection that the other partner already has. It is important for couples with the same STD to still use proper protection. Just because they may share one STD does not mean that they are immune from transmitting others.  The website has over 15,000 daily active members and numerous success stories, according to the founder of

Individuals using dating sites tailored to STD positive people should always adhere to safe sex practices. Just like any other sexually active individual, they should receive regular STD testing to ensure that they have not contracted an STD. It may be even more difficult to notice symptoms of an STD if they are masked by a previous infection, making diagnostic testing even more vital. Previous infections may also increase the likelihood of contracting other STDs like HIV.