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Smartphone apps now help improve sexual performance

There are now smartphone apps that are solely dedicated to improving sexual health and performance. Prostate Aerobics and Kegel Aerobics, created by Herb Ross, M.D., are meant to help users improve their sexual performance exercises, and also remind them they need to get moving.

Kegel aerobics focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (PFM), which may have many health benefits. For women, stronger PFM can help prevent vaginal and uterine prolapse, urinary and bowel incontinence and increase sexial libido. For men, it may treat premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate.

PFMs can diminish with age and infrequent sexual activity, according to, the app's website. To prevent this from happening, the app - described by its maker as a "trainer/coach/physio-therapist" - reminds you to do your PFM exercises, how to do them and for how long. It guides you in training your muscles to contract and to release, toning and strengthening sexual and prostate function.

"Most people think that PFM exercises can be done anywhere, anytime such as waiting at the traffic light, for an elevator, or on a supermarket line," said Ross. "Let’s be clear; a few flexes while waiting do not develop toned and fit pelvic floor muscles strong enough to achieve the above listed benefits, you would not expect to develop a six pack by flexing your abdominals at a traffic light."

Strengthening PFMs has other benefits besides improving sexual health

These exercises are recommended by physicians to perform before and after surgeries to avoid consequences such as impotence and incontinence. A study published in the Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy, reported that there is a significant reduction in the severity of incontinence with an increase in PFM strength in women who suffered from stress urinary incontinence, which is unintentional urination during physical activity.