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can a clamidia test be wrong?

My boyfriend and I have been tovetber for two years being sexually active with eachother. I have not gone out of our relationship but he has several times. A ago I took a test for clamidia mine came out positive and a week later he took o.e and his was is this possible?

what colour is the


After having unprotected sex my penis tip was red and a bit sore. 2 days After I pulled back my foreskin and the tip was a bit dry. Help!!!

Iv been sleeping with a woman and having unprotected sex with her. After about a week of sex everyday I noticed these symptoms. Red and slightly sore. Slightly itchy and dry. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious. What could it be?

why my vagina has rush n discharge

i have rush on vagina i had unproted sex last week

Do I Have Genital warts?

I am 18 from the uk and I have a girlfriend at home, I have never had any other symptoms up until the last six weeks and it started when I seemed to have a kind of 'friction cut' because we were having more sex than ever and it was painful at first, but I was applying antiseptic cream and it seemed to have heeled but now they seem to be like a flap of skin, I got tested about 3 months ago and had nothing, the raised lumps don't hurt but sometimes there bigger than usual, I'm wondering where I can go to get this sorted I don't have a lot of money to pay a doctors bill, we have had other sexual partners in the past but nothing for the last 6 months or so, what is this? I'm worried please help.

If me and my girlfriend are STD free and she performs oral without a condom? Are there any risks still intact?

Just like the Title states. We've got tested and we found out we are both clear Also, We have protected Intercourse sex. The only thing we don't do safely is her performing oral on me. Would there be any risks? Thank you

How long after sexual intercourse should you wait to be tested for STIs?

If you have caught a STI will it show up in a test straight away or do you have to wait a certain amount of time before being tested?

Cn you get herpes by masterbating with spit

I am a 15 year old male who had no sexual relations, I had no lube so I used my spit, I thought It was wrong so I washed off my penis before I came, I Only used water to wash off, I have not brushed my teeth in while, can I get oral herpes, I have no known cold sore.

Pre-ejaculate on carpet and STD Risk

Hello, So, after having unsuccessful sex with a guy, he was taking his condom off, and a drip or two of pre-ejaculate fell onto the carpet from his penis. He never actually ejaculated during the sex act. I forgot to clean the drop off the carpet, but we continued non-sex fooling around (kissing, making out, etc.) on the ground. Is it possible I contracted an STD, particularly HIV? This actually happened in late August, but it has been bugging me for months. Should I get tested? I haven't had sex with anyone else since then. I don't think I have had any symptoms of STDs since then, but I know a lot of them don't necessarily have symptoms you can notice. Please help. Michael

is zoon's balanitis is sexually transmitted disease ?

cure for zoon's balanitis