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i tested 2day, how long 4 results

my penis is average sized, but i hav gigantic nuts

Could i still carry an STD or also HPV even if my Papsmear came back normal?

I had noticed a couple little bumps on my boyfriends penis and thought they could be skin tags or had thought a lot of woman can have HPV and not know. I dont have visible signs of anything but know there isn't always going to be symptoms if infected. But is it possible i could have passed something to him and that a Pap test doesn't always show everything or even possible after he was tested that he was carrying Something and now he is showing symptoms.

Are schools required to teach comprehensive sexual health education?


Are schools required to teach hiv and aids prevention education


How many schools provide comprehensive sexual health education even though its not mandated?


Can i get chlamydia from using infected lubricant?

I use a lubricant when using my vibrator. About 7 or 8 months ago I went to the doctor and was treated for chlamydia. Can I have contracted it back if my lubrication was infected?

If schools do provide comprehensive sexual health education wht must it includes?


I am terrified I have hiv

About a year and a half ago I hooked up with a guy on time and had unprotected sex...he said he didnt have anything and we only did it twice but its just like eating me up inside I'm never sick I dnt get yeast or pelvic infections...I'm just like so nervouse that I could have it I feel like ignorance is bliss idk. We are both white straight and in our 20's but its still super scary.

What must be included in hiv and aids prevention instructinn?


Is there a cream or antiseptic wash to use post-sex to lessen the chance of catching a STD, if the condom breaks

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