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How high is my sti/std risks? And how soon can I get accurate testing done?

I had participated in unprotected oral sex twice and protected sex twice as well with 2 different women in one week. The condoms never broke or anything like that and I never ejaculated during oral sex either. I believe when I performed oral sex on one of the women I believe she had an orgasim. I have no symptoms or any kind of discomfort.

Tested negative for hsv2 at 33 days after cunnilingus/fellatio w partner status unknown. How reliable r these blood test results?

Paid sex worker

HIV positive and no mediactions (necessary yet?)

Dear expert, I have two friends who are HIV positive. Both seem to be of fairly good health, do much sports, etc. However, I was quite surprised that they say that they do not (need to) take medication. Meaning the doctor tells them that they should test every 6 months to find out whether the virus has gotten "stronger", but they do not need to take medication so far. Is that the normal procedure? Is the reason maybe, that these medications have to be paid privately, and are expensive? I am a bit worried, because I had thought that they should take medication anyway to "slowen down" the spread of HIV. Am I mistaken?

What method is used to detect hepatitis C?

Do you detect antibodies against hepatitis C or you detect hepatitis C RNA in a blood sample? Thank you.

If I got tested for chlamydia and he got tested and he doesnt have it how did i get it if I havent had sex with anyone other than him ?

I went to the doctor's for my postpartum and was tested for std's . Got a letter in the mail saying I needed a follow up appointment cause I tested positive for chlamydia . he was tested and it was negative . how if i have been faithful?

if you test positive for chlamydia can you also have hpv?

I tested positive for chlamydia, and I h ave a few mole like colored bumps on my penis that seem to be on a hair follicle this normal for chlamydia or should I be worried it could be hpv or something worse? I tool an 8 panel test and chlamydia is what showed up.

i had the 8 panel done. came back pos for herpes. gonorrhea was neg but how can they say that when no urine sample was taken,


did my catheter give me vagianl warts?

i had a catheter inserted after i had my appendix removed, i went to my doctors and they perscribed me all sorts of creams as i had an irritqtion down ther. first they said it was allergic reaction and now they say its vaginal warts, is it possible i got this from the catheter?

When my boyfriend and i have sex, it leaves a putrid smell in my body for several days, and sometimes soft white chunks come out of me. WHY?

we have both been treated for chlamydia. he has a long history of cheating . everything will be fine and then one day we have sex and it stinks again. is there some kind of an infection we could both have? or is this a result of cheating and giving me other womens yeast / bacteria / germs?

at last moment the condom broke inside a prostit and my penis and load was inside her

few day back i had sex with a sexworker, she gave me bj and while doing sex at the climax when i was going to eject my load the condom broke and my sperm & penis was inside her after that i instantly took my penis out and washed it with soap and i am afraid that is there any chance of inection?