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hello , last night i ate my girlfriends vagina. ( I know its akward to talk about ) But im worried , my throat has been hurting. Could this

im worried. shes a virgin and it was her first time doing all this. so i dont think she can have any diseases

I had sex today and now discovered that my vagina lips were swelling. What caused it and how can we heal it?

It is turning redish and still burning. The discharge is normal so far.the swelling is getting bigger. My partner has no changes on his penis.

Can I be confident in my HIV results?

I had a few sexual encounters with a woman I didn't know that well more than a year ago. I used condoms every single time we had sex(vaginal). But I performed oral sex on her and she performed oral sex on me unprotected. We didn't engage in anal sex. Since then I tested many times for HIV both by oral swab and blood testing. 5 months after the encounter I tested for hiv by blood through STDtestExpress since i developed molluscum contagiosum on my lower abdomen. the results were negative. Now I'm already clean of molluscum but I tested again for HIV at 8 months and 13 months post last sexual encounter with that women. Both times I tested negative again. Once in a while I get pimples on my hair follicles and I get worried and anxious. especially if its on my pubic hair. my question is how accurate are my results and can I be confident in them 100%?

if two people who have genital herpes both have sex unprotected with no outbreak present, will this trigger on of them to have an outbreak a

i take lysine once a day

Is it possible to get genital herpes from someone that has a mouth herpes on a blow job?

i got a blowjob from someone who has mouth herpes.

If I wait 12 weeks after a possible exposure to get your full std panel, will the results be completely accurate at that time?


I was treated for genital warts 28 years ago. I have not had symptoms for many years. What are the risks of exposing a new partner?

I was in a monogamous relationship with the person that exposed me for 29 years. After the birth of my second child 20 years ago, I had a partial hysterectomy due to dysplasia. My life has changed drastically in the last year and now am sexually active with a new partner. I haven't had an exam in quite some time and will schedule and appointment for that very soon. In the mean time, I am concerned that I could expose my new partner to genital warts even after all this time.

After having unprotected sex with my girlfriend, I have been experiencing penile discomfort on and off. What could it be?

I recently participated in the 8 panel std test and my results were all negative. My girlfriend had her pap test with std testing as well and received negative results. I was in a 5 year relationship before this one and never had a problem. Could she have some other type of infection that may have caused this irritation to my penis? I have no burning sensation during urination, but an annoying irritation off and on throughout the day on a daily basis.

My boyfriend suirted me directly in the eye during os. It turned very red is this normal? are there any risks of getting it in the eye?

The force of it hurt in the beginning and then it started to really burn I could not see and I almost had a panic attack . Can this cause long term damage?

My girlfriend has a version of Herpes in her spine. Please help me understand the siuation.

I hope you can help me better understand my girlfriends condition. I'm a 27 year old male seeing a lovely 27 year old woman who prior to our first sexual encounter told me that she has an uncurable version of Herpes in her spine which she beleives she contracted from a previous partner. I've spent many hours googling this but have just been confused and am not sure exactly what type this is. Really what I would like to learn is initially what is this called and where can I read more? How is it passed from female to male? We have never had unprotected sex, but I wonder if a condom is even helping me. Is it safe for either or both of us to perform oral sex? Is it life threatening? Can she ever have children? And if so what risk is there to sed child? Thanks for your help in this.