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If a woman has chlamydia is it possible for the guy to get it even if she doesn't cum?

I have been testing positive for chlamydia but when me and my husband last got tested they said we were both negative, I had a miscarriage and found out I had chlamydia again. Can I just be keeping it and since I have problems like to cum that he didn't catch it?

How likely is it that i've got an STI/STD?

I went on holiday last summer and was fingered by different guys in clubs. I recently thought 'what if they fingered other girls (who have an STI) before doing it to me?'. Is it possible for an infection to be passed on from one girl to the next through being fingered by the same boy? I haven't been sexually active since breaking up with my boyfriend over a year ago and I haven't noticed any strange symptoms. Also, would you advise me to get tested? Thank you.

how long does it take for herpes to appear in a blood test?

I had sexual contact with a person on the 18 of september. two days later i was feeling an itchy bump on my penis, a day after that my outer lip turned pinkish with little bumps. I got extremely worried and got a blood and urine test on the 23 of the same month. well the results came in and everything turned out negative. The problem was i still had herpy like symptons and went to a public health clinic and redid everything from the urine to blood testing on the 29 and had a doctor look at my symptons. he said he could not say anything until the results came in 2 weeks later. the results came in on the 15 of october and again everything is negative. im still having symtons today and feel like they are worstening now inside my mouth and tongue. could it be that i didnt wait long enough after the first signs of symptons? any advise?

Is there any chance of Chlamydia transmission through normal daily contact between mother and a little son?

Mother was diagnosed with Chlamydia Trachomatis. She often kisses her son, is there any chance of contagiousness to the eyes or mouth?

Can I give my husband genital herpes without having an oral outbreak?

I get cold sores from time to time . I want to perform oral sex on my husband but I am worried I will give him genital herpes and also in return infect it possible to give him genital herpes even without having an out break? Should we just forget the idea?

can my partner have herpes?

I recently had unprotected sex with a man who told me he was tested and his results were normal. I was tested three months ago results normal. We had unprotected sex and he now has two spots that look like he rubbed his skin off. He said this developed after almost a week after we have sex. I on the other hand haven't had any problems. He does not have ulcers itching pain or red spots. He describes them has rubbed off spots that look glossy comparable to his other skin. My question is can this b a start of herpes or an allergic reaction?

Need help STD risk oral sex? Summer Vacation?

Hey guys, I went on vacation to the philippines for 3 weeks, yesterday, me and a bunch of friends went drinking to celebrate his bachelor party, and we ended up getting a massage at a local place here. She gave me a massage, and then gave me oral sex without a condom, but I would not get hard. She ended up just jacking me off to make me climax, and gave me alcohol to dump on my penis after wards. I was so out of it yesterday, and I am completely paranoid, and terrified I got something. I'm heading back to the united states and getting myself checked as soon as possible. Any of you guys have this problem before. I need some wisdom, and enlightenment towards this situation, cause I ****** up big time, and I'm hoping there are a few of you that have gone down the road before.

i have genital herpies can my partner get infected from doing oral sex


STD from recieving a hand-job?

I received a hand job from a gay guy (I was bi-curious) for about 5 seconds. I think he only made contact with the penis shaft and not the head or anything. I'm still worried that I may have caught something. 5 Days after the incident a red rash appeared (a single rash that looks like a scar almost) at the very top of my thigh where it meets the genital area. Two doctors at the local STD clinic in London have seperately seen it (one the day after it appeared and a second one after another 10 days had passed) and both said that it doesn't look like herpes or an STD symptom so not to worry. I did think it could have been from over-washing as feel dirty now. They both refused to take a swab as that would be unnecessary. I was also refused a baseline blood test for Herpes as "most people have it anyway" so it isn't screened for on the NHS anyway, unless the symptoms are severe. I've been tested for Gonorrhoea and chlyamdia though and awaiting results and will present for HIV, Syphilis and Hep C testing after the recommended window periods. Also after urinating once I noticed what looked like a LOT of brown flakes in the toilet bowl but can not be sure that that wasn't contimination and that it did come from my penis and haven't notice dany otherdischarge in 17 days so this was also not thought to be of concern. I'm not reassured and unsure of what to do. Should I go to another hospital or iIn your expereince am I worrying over nothing and can I resume condom-protected sex if the Gonorrhoea and Chylmidia tests are ok? thanks

hiv risk

Hello Please answer me if my HIV risk is very high. I had sex with a man one year ago who I had known for 6 months. The sex was unprotected, 5 times the same night but without ejaculation, we practiced the withdrawal method all the times. He is not bisexual or IV drug user, but had sex with several women until 3 years ago when he married. He told me that was tested negative 1.5 years ago, but I don’t know if it is true. He looks healthy and I haven’t had any symptoms at all. On this site I have read that the risk in situations like this is relatively low, but I want to know my level of risk.