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What can cause a false positive herpes test for HSV1?

First, I had just began taking a new vitamin. Then I had started having severe itching and a prickly feeling in my genital area where I wanted to pull my pubic hair out. Then I began bleeding, really old period blood for about a week. The week after my regular period began and after it stopped I was spotting still. I went to go get tested for STD's and came back positive with herpes, HSV1 at a 4.48 range. I had suspected that my partner had given me HSV1 through oral sex, but he went to get tested and came back negative. I have never tested positive,nor experienced any of these symptoms and I have been with my partner for a year and a half now, and only him. I have not had any regular symptoms of herpes, including no blisters or sores, just bleeding after I had rubbed myself raw from the itching. I now see a gray sore line in my genital area where it looks like it was from where I rubbed too hard. I am not getting over a yeast infection and my doctor had found bacterial vaginosis cells.

If a women has hiv or aids gives you oral sex or uses her siliva as lub for a (HJ) can I get HIV? Please respond!!

A prostitute give me a handjob with her siliva and oral sex after can I get HIV what's my chances

what are the changes of getting type 2 herpes via genital to hand and hand to genital contact with someone who has the virus?

A guy I came into contact with has herpes with no outbreak but touched his genitals with his hand and then mine. How likely am I to develop herpes 2 because of this?

Do genital warts go away on their own? If not treatment?

I just recently discovered tiny bumps between my vaginal opening and my anus. I am not able to go to a doctor due to my family not knowing that I'm sexually active and cost at the moment. They sometimes itch but they have not spread or caused any significant changes. Should I be concerned? If these are genital warts will they clear up with time or are there treatment options. Any advice is appreciated.

I received a positive IgM test. Could I have recently contracted oral hsv1 and passed to my genitals with salivia during masterbation?

I have only experienced symptoms in my genitals. My IgG tests were negative for hsv1 and hsv2. My culture test was negative. My husbands IgM and IgG (for hsv 1 and 2) were negative. We have been faithful to each other for 11 years. This was my first outbreak.

Why there is a skin colored bump or pimple with a white head on my penis below the head

It gets bigger if I squeeze ot

What are the symptoms of hsv 1 on genitals?

I have oral herpes and did oral on a guy and after the he had an itchy penis now he has painful urination. Is this from my herpes????

Is it possible I caught HIV after 1 possible exposure

I had sexual intercourse with a women in Singapore in 2003, I used protection but wasn't as careful as I should of been. I had a HIV test 5 weeks after exposure and it was negative. Shortly after I had severe anxiety that lasted months which also involved my glands swelling. I have also had HIV test 5 years post possible (through gp) exposure and recently using ez trust rapid home test which were both negative. I just can't get the thought out of my head and the anxiety is making me unwel. I have now had 4 tests of the years but nothing seems to get through to me!

What are the symptoms of hsv 1 on genitals?

I have oral herpes and gave oral sex to a guy, the morning after his penis started to itch then had painful urination. Are these symptoms from my herpes. I have no outbreaks, never had them.

Could I have contracted an STD?

I received oral sex and vaginal sex from a sex worker. They were both with a condom and the vaginal sex was brief. Also, I had my boxers on so not a ton of skin contact. I got tested for all STDs 4 days after the incident (not sure if this was too soon). The outcome was negative. I am not really having any symptoms other than what I think is my guilty mind playing tricks on me. Am I just driving myself crazy, or could I have an STD? I appreciate any advice.