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If my partner had HPV 8 years ago, does a regular pap and shows no signs of the virus, Can I still contract it with unprotected sex?

she had hpv 8 years ago got tested recently showed negative on her pap test we had sex unprotected then she revealed she had the virus what to do?

Is it okay to get HIV testing when I have a flu?

I also had a swollen lymph node but now it's gone. It's been a week and up to now I'm still sick (with muscle pain). Doctor even gave me antibiotic but seems like it's not working. When would be the best time I could take the HIV testing?

which is the best test for genital herpes? pcr or blood test?

was tested a few months back and told i had genital herpes but never had an outbreak so was shocked at result. Had another test four weeks as I was worried that I was having one, doctor did pcr/swab test but test results showed no herpes at all. Is it poss that first test was wrongly diagnosed or that when i got the vaginal area retested i just didnt have any thing then.

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a stranger for about 1-2 minutes but never ejaculated inside of her. What is my risk level?

What is my risk level of being infected with any diseases? I plan on being tested later but want to see what my risk is. I know STD's are silent and never appear but I haven't had any symptoms for about a month - other than being really stressed out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

i am 26 old unmarried man . I had sex with 36 year od women with no condom . already she married and has no disease like hiv.a am got fear

I worried about the sexual disease..

Is it possible to get hepatitis's from dirty masterbating

Could it be possible for it to be pn my hands just through everyday living at home or in the car,school,shopping , ive been having anal pain and pain under my ribs is tht symtons of any kind ? If its not possoble could syphilis or other std be on my hands or things ? Its been a few months since i started

should you be tested for sti,s in a monogamous realtionship?

i am a young woman in a long term realtionship

Is there a test for trich in males? I recently went to my urologist and expressed my concern. He said there was no accurate test for men.

I feel like I have a pushing feeling inside my urethra

Syphilis test ?

Hi doctor, I am a man, 26 year olds. i had a syphilis test (RPR and TPHA compo) after 9 weeks exposure. The test result is negative for both. I know that this test is not conclusive and i must re-test after 3 months exposure. However, i am confused now because after i did the 9 weeks syphilis test i took oral dose of azithromycin which treat for my current chlamydia disease. So whether such antibiotic affect syphilis test and the 3 months-test for syphilis which i intend to test will not be conclusive for me? if not which test is conclusive, how long i must wait for??. Thank you very much doctor

How accurate is your HSV-2 test?

I recently was sexually active with a partner who subsequently tested positive for HSV-2; she had never been tested before, I had tested negative a few months prior. I retested soon after and again was negative. Now it has been about 10 weeks and I want to test again to make sure that I haven't converted before becoming sexually active with a new partner. If this upcoming test for HSV-2 is negative, how sure can I be? What is the false negative rate of this test?